Barry White releases his second album : ‘Stone Gon” featuring ‘Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up’ (1973)

Barry White‘s ‘Stone Gon” is his (self-produced) second album released on October 2, 1973 by 20Th Century..

Track Listing : 1.Girl It’S True, Yes I’Ll Always Love You (Barry White) – 08:36 . 2.Honey Please, Can’T Ya See (Barry White) – 05:11 . 3.You’Re My Baby (Barry White) – 09:08 . 4.Hard To Believe That I Found You (Barry White) – 06:59 . 5.Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up (Barry White) – 07:55

Norman Seeff

Musicians : Barry White – Piano, Vocals

Production : Produced By Barry White . Gene Page, Barry White . Frank Kegmer – Engineer . Barry White – Engineer

Arrangements : Gene Page, Barry White

Package : Craig Braun – Design . Norman Seeff asterisques RVM – Photography

Recorded 1973.

Released On October 2, 1973 By 20Th Century.

(Source Barry White @ Wikipedia)


Soul Train
The hand of a woman with long fingernails (his future wife, Glodean James) was pressed on the piano as well as a half-full glass of wine. The background setting was in a snowy white glacier type environment, giving the effect that White’s music can keep you warm. […]

Don Ignacio’s Music Reviews
Again, he writes enough ideas for a 10-minute EP, but he extends it over the course of 40 minutes. That’s 30 minutes you could have spent one something a little more useful like saving the world! … or at least listening to The Sex Pistols. […]

Robert Christgau
White’s hustle is to unite Isaac Hayes‘s power with Al Green‘s nicenessand in his way, he does. He is as humorless as Hayes, but with none of Hayes’s grandeur, which is 90 per cent phony anyway. […]


Barry White‘s ‘Stone Gon” M


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