Bee Gees release ‘Idea,’ their fifth album featuring ‘I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You’ and ‘I Started a Joke’ (1968)

Bee Gees‘ ‘Idea’ is their fifth studio (sold over a million copies worldwide) album released in September 1968 by Polydor / Atco.


Bee Gees release ‘Idea,’  their fifth album featuring ‘I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You’ and ‘I Started a Joke’ (1968)

1 . Let There Be Love (1968)

2 . Idea (1968)

3 . When The Swallows Fly

4 . I Started A Joke / First Of May

Track Listing : 1.Let There Be Love (Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb) – 03:28 . 2.Kitty Can (Maurice & Barry Gibb) – 02:31 . 3.In The Summer Of His Years (Robin Gibb) – 03:05 . 4.Indian Gin And Whisky Dry (Robin Gibb) – 01:55 . 5.Down To Earth (Robin Gibb) – 02:28 . 6.Such A Shame (Vince Melouney) – 02:28 . 1.Idea (Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb) – 02:51 . 2.When The Swallows Fly (Barry Gibb) – 02:22 . 3.I Have Decided To Join The Airforce (Robin, Barry & Maurice Gibb) – 02:06 . 4.I Started A Joke (Robin Gibb) – 03:03 . 5.Kilburn Towers (Barry Gibb) – 02:14 . 6.Swan Song (Barry Gibb) – 02:55

Musicians : Bee Gees – Band . Barry Gibb – Lead, Harmony And Backing Vocal, Guitar . Robin Gibb – Lead, Harmony And Backing Vocal, Organ . Maurice Gibb – Bass, Piano, Organ, Mellotron, Harmony And Backing Vocal . Vince Melouney – Guitar, Harmonica, Lead Vocal On (6) . Colin Petersen – Drums

Production : Produced By Robert Stigwood, Bee Gees . Bill Shepherd – Orchestral Arrangement . John Pantry — Engineer . Damon Lyon Shaw – Engineer

Package : Klaus Voormann — Art Cover (Us Version) . Wolfgang Heilemann – Art Cover

Recorded 13 December 1967, 8 January – 12 July 1968 At Ibc Studios, London.

Released In September 1968 By Polydor / Atco .

(Source Bee Gees – Idea | The Official Website of the Bee Gees)

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Rolling Stone
While the Bee Gees aren’t the Beatles, they do have the capacity of occasionally making the right choices in their chosen area of rock. It is this sort of capacity that should not be ignored. […]

Only Solitaire
If there’s a big change, it’s in that the Bee Gees finally dump psychedelia overboard. When a song on Idea is not a ballad, it’s a roots-rocker, with folk and country motives prominently featured, but not yet wholly harnessed – that would come several months later with Odessa. […]

Mark’s Record Reviews
The peculiar, theatrical nature of the “I Started A Joke”‘s lyrics makes it an easy target for the kind of tongue-in-cheek delivery that it’s been given in subsequent (inferior) cover versions by artists ranging from Faith No More to the Zip Code Rapists–but Robin of course plays it straight and the result is a true musical miracle. […]


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