Virgin release Ben Harper’s second album : ‘Fight for Your Mind’ (1995)

Ben Harper‘s ‘Fight for Your Mind’ is his second (and last before adding the Innocent Criminals to his line-up) album released on August 1, 1995 by Virgin.


Virgin release Ben Harper’s second album : ‘Fight for Your Mind’ (1995)

1 . Ground On Down

2 . Ground On Down

3 . Another lonely day

4 . Please Me Like You Want To (w/ Jack Johnson)

5 . Gold to Me

6 . Burn One Down

7 . Excuse Me Mr

8 . Excuse Me Mr (Eurockéennes, 2008)

9 . Fight For Your Mind (Rockpalast, 1998)

10 . Give a Man A Home

11 . Give a Man Home (w/ Blind Boys Of Alabama)

12 . By My Side (The Machine Shop)

13 . Power of the Gospel

14 . God Fearing Man (Vieilles Charrues, 1999)

Track listing : 1.Oppression (Ben Harper) – 02:58. 2.Ground on Down (Ben Harper) – 04:53. 3.Another Lonely Day (Ben Harper) – 03:43. 4.Please Me Like You Want To (Ben Harper) – 04:55. 5.Gold to Me (Ben Harper) – 05:00. 6.Burn One Down (Ben Harper) – 03:31. 7.Excuse Me Mr. (Ben Harper, J.P. Plunier) – 05:24. 8.People Lead (Ben Harper) – 04:13. 9.Fight for Your Mind (Ben Harper) – 04:06. 10.Give a Man a Home (Ben Harper) – 03:35. 11.By My Side (Ben Harper) – 03:34. 12.Power of the Gospel (Ben Harper) – 06:02. 13.God Fearing Man (Ben Harper) – 11:49. 14.One Road to Freedom (Ben Harper) – 04:14.

Musicians : Ben Harper – acoustic guitar, Vocals, weissenborn. Brett Banduci – viola. Danielle Charles – violin. Oliver Charles – drums. Bob “Stiv” Coke – tabla, tambourine, tamboura, sarod. Timothy Loo – cello. Leon Mobley – percussion. Juan Nelson – bass. Ervin Pope – organ, Hammond organ.

Production Produced by Ben Harper, J.P. Plunier, Bob Stiv Coke. Bradley Cook – Engineer . Ben Harper, J.P. Plunier – String arrangements. Ryan Boesh – Assistant engineer. Todd Burke – Assistant engineer. Paul Naguna – Assistant engineer. The Dub Brothers – Mixing. Femi Jiya – Mixing. Eric Sarafin – Mixing. Eddy Schreyer – Mastering.

Packaging : Tom Dolan – Design, Art direction. J.P. Plunier – Art direction . Bob “Stiv” Coke – Photography. Jeff Gottlieb – Photography.

Released on August 1, 1995 by Virgin.

(Source Ben Harper – Fight for Your Mind | Official Website)

What do you get when you cross James Taylor with Bob Marley? A goofy looking baby? Perhaps, but more importantly, you get Ben Harper. Chances are, you’ve heard at least one of his songs and you didn’t even know it. […]
The cd overall is good, but not great simply for the fact that it does drone on about god and the likes. Compared with other Ben Harper albums, its more raw and more acoustic, therefore a must for those who are fans. […]

In reviewing Ben Harper’s Fight for your Mind, I find myself wanting to make comparisons between Harper and several other musicians. The problem is, his sound is really hard to compare, because it’s really something unique to itself. […]


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