Ben Williams – Coming of Age

Released on April 21, 2015, “Coming of Age” is the second album by Ben Williams with special guests: Goapele, Christian Scott, Stefon Harris, …


Ben Williams - Coming of Age

Herald Standard
Fortunately, it was a very short search to add a new album to my collection. Ben Williams flawlessly offers an intoxicating mixture of contemporary jazz, R&B, pop and a sprinkle of hip-hop on his sophomore release. “Coming of Age” is a detailed piece of work that vibrantly illustrates the accomplished bassist’s musical growth through the ability to translate life experiences into his music. […]

The New-York Times
That’s one of several small missteps, another being a solo bass interpretation of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” a song that jazz musicians should no longer be mining for new truths. But Mr. Williams has his compass set, and it’s encouraging to think of this album as a marker, another checkpoint on the forward path. […]

Coming of Age is nothing like the situation you’ll find Williams in on a Pat Metheny album. And I get the strong impression Williams wants to drill down into more soulful grooves on his own project here. And certainly this aspect of the album emerges firmly on ‘Voice of Freedom’ Goapele’s swooning emotive voice backed by some highly mobile grooves. […]




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