Beth Hart releases ‘Better Than Home,’ her seventh album (2015)

Beth Hart‘s ‘Better Than Home’ is her seventh solo studio album released on April 14, 2015,


Beth Hart releases ‘Better Than Home,’ her seventh album (2015)

Track Listing : 1.Might As Well Smile (Beth Hart) – 04:01 . 2.Tell ‘Em To Hold On (Beth Hart) – 04:24 . 3.Tell Her You Belong To Me (Beth Hart) – 05:56 . 4.Trouble (Beth Hart) – 04:42 . 5.Better Than Home (Beth Hart) – 04:37 . 6.St. Teresa (Beth Hart) – 05:07 . 7.We’Re Still Living In The City (Beth Hart) – 04:20 . 8.The Mood That I’M In (Beth Hart) – 03:55 . 9.Mechanical Heart (Beth Hart) – 04:16 . 10.As Long As I Have A Song (Beth Hart) – 03:25 . 11.Mama This One’S For You (Beth Hart) – 03:26

Musicians : Beth Hart – Piano, Vocals . Rob Mathes – Guitars, Horn Conductor, Keyboards, Piano, String Conductor . Zev Katz – Bass . Charley Drayton – Drums, Percussion . Larry Campbell – Guitars, Mandolin, Pedal Steel . Aaron Heick – Sax (Alto), Sax (Baritone) . Andy Snitzer – Sax (Tenor) . Mike Davis – Trombone . Jeff Kievit – Trumpet . Martin Loveday – Cello . Peter Lale – Viola . Perry Montague-Mason – Violin . Thomas Bowes – Concert Master . Angela Clemmons – Vocals (Background) . Nikki Richards – Vocals (Background) . Vaneese Thomas – Vocals (Background) . James “D-Train” Williams – Vocals (Background)

Arrangements : Beth Hart, Rob Mathes

Package : Roy Koch – Artwork . Thomas Van Der Kooi – Artwork . F.X. Feeney – Liner Notes . Greg Watermann – Photography

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It wasn’t easy, Hart acknowledges. Mathes and Stevens challenged her to move away from the darker themes of her nervous albums and “write more about my joy and what I believe in and what my love is. That was really uncomfortable […]

Renowned For Sound
But two missteps in a ten track album is pretty good going, and Better Than Home’s successes far outweigh the record’s disappointments. It’s an impressive, adult work; as sincere as it is hopeful. But, what else would one expect from Hart, an artist who hasn’t turned in a dud record yet? […]

Bluebird Reviews
The album peaks in songs like the sweet, “We’re Still Living In The City” or “Mechanical Heart.” On the latter, Beth is able to make everybody feel the intense love for her man even from a distance, to all those who have never had the good fortune to meet neither her, nor him. […]


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