Mainstream publish ‘Big Brother & the Holding Company’ their eponymous debut album featuring ‘Down on Me’ (1966)

Big Brother & the Holding Company’ is their debut album featuring vocalist Janis Joplin and recorded on December 12–14, 1966 and released in August 1967 by Mainstream.


Mainstream publish ‘Big Brother & the Holding Company’ their eponymous debut album featuring ‘Down on Me’ (1966)

1 . Down On Me (1967)

2 . Light Is Faster Than Sound (w/ Big Brother & Holding Company)

Track Listing : 1.Bye, Bye Baby (Powell St. John) – 02:35 . 2.Easy Rider (James Gurley) – 02:21 . 3.Intruder (Janis Joplin) – 02:25 . 4.Light Is Faster Than Sound (Peter Albin) – 02:29 . 5.Call On Me (Sam Andrew) – 02:32 . 6.Women Is Losers (Janis Joplin) – 02:01 . 7.Blindman (Peter Albin, Sam Andrew, David Getz, James Gurley, Janis Joplin) – 02:00 . 8.Down On Me (Traditional, Janis Joplin) – 02:02 . 9.Caterpillar (Peter Albin) – 02:15 . 10.All Is Loneliness (Moondog) – 02:15

Musicians : Peter Albin – Bass Guitar . Sam Andrew – Guitar, Vocals . David Getz – Drums . James Gurley – Guitar, Vocals

Production : Produced By Bob Shad

Recorded December 12–14, 1966.

Released August 1967 By Mainstream.

Big Brother & the Holding Company


It was the lack of product from superstar Janis Joplin which kept putting an emphasis on this release with little else available to satisfy rabid fans who couldn’t get enough Janis. […]

Big Brother And The Holding Company was a unique stop for the group and for Janis Joplin, but it set a firm foundation for her future. The album not only has held up well but remains historically important as the studio training ground for one of rock’s legendary singers […]

Electric Comic Book
Well, jeez, if it’s such a weak album by comparison, why bother listening to it? Because it stands as one of the finest blueprints for the band’s defined sound. For all the psychedelic mayhem and rich, electric-blues of “Cheap Thrills,” it lacks a certain youthful amateurness that “Big Brother and the Holding Company” has. […]


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