Laurie Anderson releases ‘Big Science’ featuring ‘O Superman’ (1982)

Laurie Anderson‘s ‘Big Science’ feat. ‘O Superman’ is her debut album released on April 19, 1982 by Warner Bros..


Laurie Anderson releases ‘Big Science’ featuring ‘O Superman’ (1982)

Track Listing : 1.From The Air (Laurie Anderson) – 04:29 . 2.Big Science (Laurie Anderson) – 06:25 . 3.Sweaters (Laurie Anderson) – 02:18 . 4.Walking & Falling (Laurie Anderson) – 02:10 . 5.Born, Never Asked (Laurie Anderson) – 04:56 . 6.O Superman (For Massenet) (Laurie Anderson) – 08:21 . 7.Example #22 (Laurie Anderson) – 02:59 . 8.Let X=X/It Tango (Laurie Anderson) – 06:51

Musicians : Laurie Anderson – Vocals, Vocoder, Farfisa Organ, Percussion, Oberheim Ob-Xa, Sticks, Violins, Electronics, Keyboards, Handclaps, Whistling, Marimba . Roma Baran – Farfisa Bass, Glass Harmonica, Sticks, Handclaps, Casiotone, Accordion, Whistling . Perry Hoberman – Bottles And Sticks, Handclaps, Flute, Sax, Piccolo, Backing Vocals . Bill Obrecht – Alto Sax . Peter Gordon – Clarinet, Tenor Sax . David Van Tieghem – Drums, Rototoms, Timpani, Marimba, Percussion . Rufus Harley – Bagpipes On (3) . Chuck Fisher – Alto Sax On (7), Tenor Sax On (7) . Richard Cohen – B-Flat Clarinet On (7), E-Flat Clarinet On (7), Bass Clarinet On (7), Bassoon On (7), Bari Sax On (7) . Leanne Ungar – Backing Vocals On (7) . George Lewis – Trombones

Production : Produced By Laurie Anderson, Roma Baran Leanne Ungar – Engineer

Recorded 1981 – 1982 At The Lobby, The Hit Factory, New York City.

Released On April 19, 1982 By Warner Bros..

Package : Perry Hoberman – Art Direction . Cindy Brown – Design . James Hamilton – Photography . Laurie Anderson – Artwork, Photography .

(Source Laurie Anderson – Big Science | Official Site)

Perhaps the weirdest thing about weirdo-pop masterpiece Big Science, an album which seems to repel all listeners not already deeply entrenched within the whole “art music” scene, is that it’s not at all confrontational–it’s actually a lot of fun to listen to. […]

Not too many artists change the way we look at the use of language in music, but Anderson is one of its great manipulators. She understands that common expressions can be greatly altered simply through context, phrasing, and small twists on what is expected. […]

Anderson’s ingenious move, musically, was utilizing the vocoder not as a trick but as a melodic tool. It’s the first thing you hear on Big Science, looped in From the Air like some bizarre man-machine synth. The rest of the track revolves around a circular pattern of blurted sax figures and hypnotic drums. […]


Laurie Anderson releases ‘Big Science’ featuring ‘O Superman’ (1982)


Laurie Anderson‘s ‘Big Science’ feat. ‘O Superman’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]M


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