Bill Evans & Jim Hall record together ‘Undercurrent’ (1962)

‘Undercurrent’ by Bill Evans & Jim Hall is an album recorded on April 24 & May 14, 1962 and released the same year by United Artists.

Track Listing : 1.My Funny Valentine (Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart) – 05:21 . 2.I Hear A Rhapsody (Jack Baker, George Fragos, Dick Gasparre) – 04:36 . 3.Dream Gypsy (Judith Veveers)– 4:33 . 4.Romain (Jim Hall) – 05:19 . 5.Skating In Central Park (John Lewis) – 05:19 . 6.Darn That Dream (Eddie Delange, James Van Heusen) – 05:04

Toni Frissell

Musicians : Bill Evans – Piano . Jim Hall – Guitar

Production : Produced By Alan Douglas . Bill Schwartan – Engineer

Package : Alan Douglas – Design . Toni Frissell asterisques RVM – Photography . Frank Gauna – Design . David Rosenthal – Liner Notes

Recorded On April 24 & May 14, 1962 At Sound Makers, New York City.

Released In 1962 By United Artists.

(Source Bill Evans and Jim Hall – Undercurrent | The Bill Evans Webpages)

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Sublime music making of the highest order despite the “shock value” cover (Toni Frisell’s 1947 “Weeki Watchee spring”), the collaborations between pianist Bill Evans and guitarist Jim Hall, who at 82 is still performing, produced two albums of enduring beauty and quiet grace. […]

It was, of course, Undercurrent, Hall’s landmark 1962 recording with Bill Evans, that set the standard for piano-guitar duets. “With Bill, he had such a sense of texture and shape that I felt like he was inside of my brain all the time,” Hall says. […]

All About Jazz
The final take of “My Funny Valentine” is my favorite. On the original LP it’s the first track. Here we discover the incredible interaction and flawless syncopation of which these two masters of beauty and technique are capable. Yes, it is effortless and lush. Listen especially to the incredible section where Evans plays big chords syncopated against Hall’s intricate melodic improvisation. It blows my mind every time I hear it! […]


‘Undercurrent’ by Bill Evans & Jim Hall on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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