Bill Evans records ‘Homecoming’ live at the Southeastern Louisiana University (1979)

Bill Evans‘ ‘Homecoming’ is a live album recorded on November 6, 1979 at the Southeastern Louisiana University with Marc Johnson and Joe LaBarbera and released on April 13, 1999 by Milestone.

Track Listing : 1.Re: Person I Knew (Bill Evans) – 04:03 . 2.Midnight Mood (Ben Raleigh, Joe Zawinul) – 06:22 . 3.Laurie (Bill Evans) – 07:46 . 4.Theme From M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless) (Mike Altman, Johnny Mandel) – 04:11 . 5.Turn Out The Stars (Bill Evans) – 04:52 . 6.Very Early (Bill Evans) – 05:11 . 7.But Beautiful (Johnny Burke, Jimmy Van Heusen) – 04:12 . 8.I Loves You, Porgy (George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, Dubose Heyward) – 05:40 . 9.Up With The Lark (Jerome Kern, Leo Robin) – 05:38 . 10.Minha (All Mine) (Francis Hime) – 03:41 . 11.I Do It For Your Love (Paul Simon) – 05:52 . 12.Some Day My Prince Will Come (Frank Churchill, Larry Morey) – 06:25

Musicians : Bill Evans – Piano . Marc Johnson – Bass . Joe Labarbera – Drums

Production : Produced By Eric Miller

Recorded On November 6, 1979 At Southeastern Louisiana University.

Released April 13, 1999 By .

(Source Bill Evans – Homecoming | The BILL EVANS Webpages)


the loud bassoon
Most of the songs take a typically thoughtful mid-tempo approach, with Evans’ very pretty tone and pensive touch characterizing each tune. He takes a couple of unaccompanied songs as well, emphasizing the piano-focus of the concert. […]

All About Jazz
Homecoming is a rich, instructive insight into the genius of this already over-recorded piano wonder — for hardcore devotees and the mildly interested alike. […]

Even in his limning of “I Loves You, Porgy,” there’s a sense of discovery, a savoring of musical frontiers yet to be crossedand, in the midst of the ballad, a spirited fantasia awash with bright colors and sparkling melodies. […]


Bill Evans‘ ‘Homecoming’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]



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