Bill Evans records the live album : ‘The Paris Concert: Edition Two’ with Marc Johnson and Joe LaBarbera (1979)

Bill Evans’ ‘The Paris Concert: Edition Two’ is a live album recorded on November 29, 1979 with Marc Johnson and Joe LaBarbera and released in 1980 by Elektra Musician.

Track Listing : 1.Re: Person I Knew (Bill Evans) – 05:22 . 2.Gary’S Theme (Gary Mcfarland) – 05:31 . 3.Letter To Evan (Bill Evans) – 04:50 . 4.34 Skidoo (Bill Evans) – 06:45 . 5.Laurie (Bill Evans) – 08:06 . 6.Nardis (Miles Davis) – 17:31 . 7.Interview (Bill Evans) – 01:46

Musicians : Bill Evans – Piano . Marc Johnson – Bass . Joe Labarbera – Drums

Production : Produced By Yves Abiteboul . Stew Romaine – Engineer . Kurt Lundvall – Mastering

Package : Alex Dutilh – Photography

Recorded On November 29, 1979.

Released 1980 By Elektra Musician.

Bill Evans


Buzzcat @ RateYourMusic
What really blows me away is the piano solo piece on Edition One, I Loves You Porgy. As a piano player myself, Bill’s playing here is scary good. I listen to that and am mesmerized. He was a technical genius on the keys. […]

The music is sensitive and subtly exciting. Until the release of some later live sessions from 1980, this could be considered Bill Evans‘ final recording and serves as evidence that, rather than declining, he was showing a renewed vitality and enthusiasm in his last year. […]

Time Remembered
In these albums, Bill Evans‘ playing is freer, exuberant and more rhapsodic compared to his long established impressionistic style. […]


Bill Evans’ ‘The Paris Concert: Edition Two’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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