Elektra publishes ‘Ghost Town’ by Bill Frisell, his first with guitar loops (2000)

Bill Frisell‘s ‘Ghost Town’ is his twelfth (and the first to feature solo performances, overdubs and loops) album released on March 7, 2000 by Elektra Nonesuch.


Elektra publishes ‘Ghost Town’ by Bill Frisell, his first with guitar loops (2000)

1 . Tell Your Ma, Tell Your Pa

2 . Wildwood Flower (w/ Joey Baron )

3 . Follow Your Heart

4 . I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry

5 . My Man’s Gone Now

6 . Outlaws

Bill Frisell – Ghost Town

Track Listing : 1.Tell Your Ma, Tell Your Pa (Bill Frisell) – 05:18 . 2.Ghost Town/Poem For Eva (Bill Frisell) – 06:33 . 3.Wildwood Flower (A. P. Carter) – 06:28 . 4.Creep (Bill Frisell) – 00:46 . 5.Variation On A Theme (Tales From The Far Side) (Bill Frisell) – 05:44 . 6.Follow Your Heart (John McLaughlin) – 05:10 . 7.I’M So Lonesome I Could Cry (Hank Williams) – 03:27 . 8.What A World (Bill Frisell) – 05:00 . 9.My Man’S Gone Now (George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, Dubose Heyward) – 03:14 . 10.Outlaws (Bill Frisell) – 03:20 . 11.When I Fall In Love (Edward Heyman, Victor Young) – 02:30 . 12.Big Bob (Bill Frisell) – 02:48 . 13.Winter Always Turns To Spring (Bill Frisell) – 05:33 . 14.Justice And Honor (Bill Frisell) – 04:02 . 15.Fingers Snappin’ And Toes Tappin’ (Bill Frisell) – 00:50 . 16.Under A Golden Sky (Bill Frisell) – 02:04

Musicians : Bill Frisell – Electric & Acoustic Guitars, 6-String Banjo, Loops And Bass Guitar

Production : Produced By Lee Townsend . Christian Jones – Engineer, Mixing . Adam Muñoz – Editing . Greg Calbi – Mastering

Package : Gwen Terpstra – Design . Luciano Viti – Photography

Recorded 1999 At O’Henry Sound Studios, Burbank.

Released On March 7, 2000 By Elektra Nonesuch.

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There are moments of light relief, such as the gently lovely title track and the brief banjo interlude “Fingers Snappin’ and Toes Tappin’,” but the overall mood here is relatively dark, though consistently beautiful. […]

All About Jazz
Frisell is being Frisell, whether the songbook is Appalachian, George and Ira Gershwin, or John McLaughlin. In a marketplace packed full of Charlie Parker, Miles Davisand Bill Evans imitators, it is refreshing to find an artist realizing his own voice. […]

Basically, Frisell does here what he has always doneand followed his heart (pun intended: he also includes a version of the old John McLaughlin tune in 11/8, “Follow Your Heart,” with some fetching twang added) […]


Elektra publishes ‘Ghost Town’ by Bill Frisell, his first with guitar loops (2000)

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