As we all wish Debbie Harry a Happy Birthday, the time has come to do a ‘Blondie At Their Best’ page

As we wish, today, American singer Debbie Harry a ‘Happy @|#} th Birthday,’ the time has come to playlist the ‘BESTS’ of her band : Blondie


Photo : Dena Flows

Audio : Heart of Glass . One Way or Another . Call Me . Atomic . The Tide Is High . Maria . Hanging on the Telephone . Rapture . Sunday Girl . Dreaming .

Video : Heart of Glass (The Midnight Special) . Maria . Call me . One Way Or Another . Rapture . The Tide Is High . Sunday Girl (1979) . Hanging On The Telephone . Denis . Union City Blue . Dreaming (Apollo Theatre 1979) . Picture This . Happy Birthday . Debbie Harry explains The Pogo to the Americans . Backfired . I want that man (Deborah Harry, Peters Popshow 1989) . Well, did you evah (Iggy Pop & Deborah Harry) . New York New York (Moby & Debbie Harry) . The Patience Bossa (Debbie Harry & Perry Farrell) . The Jazz Passengers (Debbie Harry & Elvis Costello) . Rainbow Connection (Debbie Harry & Kermit The Frog) . Fashion Rock’s (Fergie & Debbie Harry) . Atomic (Glastonbury 2014) . One Way Or Another (w/ Joss Stone) .


‘Blondie’ is their eponymous debut album produced by Richard Gottehrer and released in December 1976 by Private Stock Records. >>

Blondie’ s ‘Eat to the Beat’ is their fourth studio album produced by Mike Chapman and released in October 1979 by Chrysalis >>

Blondie’ s ‘Parallel Lines’ feat. Heart of Glass is their third studio album produced by Mike Chapman and released in September 1978 by Chrysalis >>


[1978] New York band Blondie riding on the success of its single Heart of Glass will be at Convention Hall in Asbury Park, NJ >> 62 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1978] for their second appearance this year, Blondie will do five songs including their mega hit Heart of Glass at ” The Midnight Special on NBC >> 24 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1976] you do not want to miss New-York band Blondie making their first appearance on US television at The Mike Douglas Show on a channel near you >> 5 MINUTES on RVM >>

[2006] Fergie will cover a Blondie Call Me song during this year Fashion Rocks charity fundraiser event and (surprise! surprise!) Debbie Harry will join her for the chorus >> 3 MINUTES on RVM >>

[2016] French-German channel Arte is going to record Blondie during a concert in Berlin >> 60 MINUTES on RVM >>

[2016] a supergroup featuring Walter Lure (The Heartbreakers), Mike Ness (Social Distortion), Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Clem Burke (Blondie) and Jesse Malin (D Generation) will pay A Tribute to Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers’ seminal L.A.M.F. album at the Bowery Electric in New York City >> 69 MINUTES on RVM >>

[2010] you do not want to miss Blondie promoting their new album Panic of Girls at Today on NBC >> 4 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1978] New-York band Blondie celebrates New Year’s Eve far from home at Apollo Theatre in Glasgow, Scotland >> 41 MINUTES on RVM >>

[2017] Debbie Harry and Blondie will perform new and old songs at the KAABOO Festival at Del Mar Fairgrounds in Del Mar, California >> 87 MINUTES on RVM >>




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