Columbia publish ‘Blue Öyster Cult’ their eponymous debut album featuring ‘Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll’ (1972)

‘Blue Öyster Cult’ is their eponymous debut studio album released on January 16, 1972 by Columbia.

Track Listing : 1.Transmaniacon Mc (Eric Bloom, Albert Bouchard, Donald Roeser, Sandy Pearlman) – 03:21 . 2.I’M On The Lamb But I Ain’T No Sheep (Eric Bloom, Albert Bouchard, Sandy Pearlman) – 03:10 . 3.Then Came The Last Days Of May (Donald Roeser) – 03:31 . 4.Stairway To The Stars (Albert Bouchard, Donald Roeser, Richard Meltzer) – 03:43 . 5.Before The Kiss, A Redcap (Allen Lanier, Murray Krugman, Donald Roeser, Sandy Pearlman) – 04:59 . 6.Screams (Joe Bouchard) – 03:10 . 7.She’S As Beautiful As A Foot (Albert Bouchard, Allen Lanier, Richard Meltzer) – 02:58 . 8.Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll (Albert Bouchard, Donald Roeser, Sandy Pearlman) – 04:03 . 9.Workshop Of The Telescopes (Eric Bloom, Albert Bouchard, J. Bouchard, Allen Lanier, Donald Roeser, Sandy Pearlman) – 04:01 . 10.Redeemed (Albert Bouchard, Allen Lanier, Harry Farcas, Sandy Pearlman) – 03:51

Musicians : Blue Öyster Cult – Band . Eric Bloom – Vocals, Lead On (1 – 2 – 4 – 7 – 9 -10),Stun Guitar, Keyboards . Albert Bouchard – Drums, Vocals, Lead On (8) . Joe Bouchard – Bass, Vocals, Lead On (6) . Allen Lanier – Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards . Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser – Lead Guitar, Vocals, Lead On (3 – 5)

Production : Produced By Murray Krugman, Sandy Pearlman, David Lucas . David Lucas – Engineer . Bill Robertson – Engineer

Recorded In October 1971 At The Warehouse, New York.

Released On January 16, 1972 By Columbia.


Music Radar
Eric Bloom talks Blue Oyster Cult’s studio albums “It doesn’t sound real hi-fi to me. We did it on eight-track, and once you start overdubbing on multiple tracks, every time you do that you’re degenerating the sound of something else…” […]

Mark Prindle
None of this stuff is as eerie as “Don’t Fear The Reaper,” but it all aspires to giving you the slight willies while making you shake your fist in the air as if unconcerned. […]

Classic Rock Review
Songs that are tough to decipher adds to the whole mystery surrounding the band which is accented by album art, symbolism, imagery, and their very name. […]


‘Blue Öyster Cult’


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