Columbia release Bob Dylan’s ninth album : ‘Nashville Skyline’ featuring ‘Lay Lady Lay’ (1969)

Bob Dylan’s ‘Nashville Skyline’ is his ninth studio album produced by Bob Johnston and released on April 9, 1969 by Columbia..

Track Listing : 1.Girl From The North Country (Bob Dylan) – 03:41 . 2.Nashville Skyline Rag (Bob Dylan) – 03:12 . 3.To Be Alone With You (Bob Dylan) – 02:07 . 4.I Threw It All Away (Bob Dylan) – 02:23 . 5.Peggy Day (Bob Dylan) – 02:01 . 6.Lay Lady Lay (Bob Dylan) – 03:18 . 7.One More Night (Bob Dylan) – 02:23 . 8.Tell Me That It Isn’T True (Bob Dylan) – 02:41 . 9.Country Pie (Bob Dylan) – 01:37 . 10.Tonight I’Ll Be Staying Here With You (Bob Dylan) – 03:23

Elliott Landy

Musicians : Bob Dylan – Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards, Vocals . Norman Blake – Guitar, Dobro . Kenneth A. Buttrey – Drums . Johnny Cash – Vocals On (1) . Fred Carter, Jr. – Guitar . Charlie Daniels – Bass Guitar, Guitar . Pete Drake – Pedal Steel Guitar . Marshall Grant – Bass Guitar On (1) . Charlie Mccoy – Guitar, Harmonica . Bob Wilson – Organ, Piano . Bob Wootton – Electric Guitar On (1)

Production : Produced By Bob Johnston . Charlie Bragg – Engineer . Neil Wilburn – Engineer . Greg Calbi – Mastering

Package : Al Clayton – Photography . Elliott Landy asterisques RVM – Photography

Recorded February 12–21, 1969.

Released On April 9, 1969 By Columbia.

(Source The Official Bob Dylan Site)

1969 would find a far different Dylan than just a few years previous. Gone were the angry protest songs and bohemian lifestyle. He was now married with three children and was shunning the limelight. Nashville Skyline, despite being rooted in country music, was a calm and even happy affair. His fans would flock to records stores to purchase this release as it would soar to the number two position on the National charts and reach number one in England. […]

Rolling Stone
Bob Dylan‘s ninth album poses fewer mysteries and yet, paradoxically, offers greater rewards than any of his previous work. Its only difficulties aren’t metaphysical or interpretative — indeed, the beauty and openness within is kept almost rigorously simple in genre — but rather those of taking the artist’s new-found happiness and maturity for exactly what they appear to be. That smiling face on the cover tells all — and isn’t it wonderful? […]

Steve Hoffman Music …
Dylan sings different on Nashville Skyline?He was always able to sing like that. He purposely chose not to. But, he would have never gotten famous with that voice. It doesn’t “stand out”, for better or worse, like his Guthrie drawl. Seriously, can you imagine him singing “Rainy Day Women…” or “Like A Rolling Stone” with that voice? […]


Bob Dylan‘s ‘Nashville Skyline’ M



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