Columbia publish Bob Dylan’s twentieth album : ‘Saved’ (1980)

Bob Dylan’s ‘Saved’ is his twentieth studio album (and the second of his ‘Christian trilogy’) released on June 23, 1980 by Columbia.

Track Listing : 1.A Satisfied Mind (Red Hayes, Jack Rhodes) – 01:57 . 2.Saved (Tim Drummond, Bob Dylan) – 04:00 . 3.Covenant Woman (Bob Dylan) – 06:02 . 4.What Can I Do For You? (Bob Dylan) – 05:54 . 5.Solid Rock (Bob Dylan) – 03:55 . 6.Pressing On (Bob Dylan) – 05:11 . 7.In The Garden (Bob Dylan) – 05:58 . 8.Saving Grace (Bob Dylan) – 05:01 . 9.Are You Ready (Bob Dylan) – 04:41

Musicians : Bob Dylan – Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards, Vocals . Carolyn Dennis – Vocals . Regina Havis – Vocals . Clydie King – Vocals . Monalisa Young – Vocals . Tim Drummond – Bass Guitar . Jim Keltner – Drums . Spooner Oldham – Keyboards . Fred Tackett – Guitar . Terry Young – Keyboards, Vocals

Production : Produced By Barry Beckett, Jerry Wexler . Gregg Hamm – Engineer . Bobby Hata – Mastering . Mary Beth Mclemore – Assistant Engineer

Package : Tony Wright – Artwork . Arthur Rosato – Photography

Recorded February 11–15, 1980 At Muscle Shoals Sound Studio.

Released On June 23, 1980 By Columbia.

(Source The Official Bob Dylan Site)


Ultimate Classic Rock
Revisiting Bob Dylan’s Second Born-Again Album, ‘Saved’The best religious songs reach even non-believers; Dylan’s strong vocals reveal commitment to his faith, but outside of “Pressing On” and “In the Garden,” there’s little in the lyrics that can be called emotionally moving. […]

Rolling Stone
What made the Gospel According to Bob especially tough to take was his hook-line-and-sinker acceptance of the familiar fundamentalist litany, and his smugness in propounding it. Dylan hadn’t simply found Jesus but seemed to imply that he had His home phone number as well. […]

Bob Dylan‘s ‘Saved’ M



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Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde
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Bob Dylan & the Band ‘ width=’190’ height=’161’/>
Bob Dylan
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Bob Dylan at Budokan” width=’190′ height=’161’/>
 Bob Dylan‘ ‘ width=’190’ height=’161’/>
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan

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