Bobby Hutcherson records ‘Dialogue’ for Blue Note (1965)

Bobby Hutcherson‘s ‘Dialogue’ is an album recorded on April 3, 1965 and released in 1965 by Blue Note.

Track Listing : 1.Catta (Andrew Hill) – 07:19 . 2.Idle While (Joe Chambers) – 06:37 . 3.Les Noirs Marchant (Andrew Hill) – 06:41 . 4.Dialogue (Joe Chambers) – 09:59 . 5.Ghetto Lights (Andrew Hill) – 06:16

Musicians : Bobby Hutcherson – Vibraphone, Marimba On (3 – 4 – 6). . Sam Rivers – Tenor Saxophone On (1 – 6) Soprano Saxophone On (5), Bass Clarinet On (4), Flute On (2 – 3) . Freddie Hubbard – Trumpet . Andrew Hill – Piano . Richard Davis – Double Bass . Joe Chambers – Drums

Production : Produced By Alfred Lion Rudy Van Gelder – Engineer

Recorded On April 3, 1965 At Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs.

Released In 1965 By Blue Note.

(Source Bobby Hutcherson – Dialogue | Bobby Hutcherson @ Wikipedia )


All About Jazz
Freddie Hubbard and Sam Rivers complete the lineup, bringing straight-ahead and avant-garde concepts into direct and felicitous contact. The polyglot eccentricity of Hill’s work is immediately striking […]

Vibes are mellow and cool, which is why Hutcherson’s masterstroke was putting a first division front line together, ensuring this was not just a “vibraphone album”. Rather, Hutcherson is often low key, adding colourings while his other artists take the lead. […]

The World is Robert
Overall, another jazz classic featuring a veritable mix of conventional hard bop and avant-garde. Once again, it should have been listed as an Andrew Hill album because the bulk of it was written by him and he’s largely responsible for the avant-garde sound that made Dialogue so unique in Blue Note’s catalogue. […]


Bobby Hutcherson‘s ‘Dialogue’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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