Bobby McFerrin releases ‘Simple Pleasures,’ his fourth album featuring ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ (1988)

Bobby Mcferrin‘s ‘Simple Pleasures’ feat. ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ is his fourth studio album released on August 22, 1988 by Emi.


Bobby McFerrin releases ‘Simple Pleasures,’ his fourth album featuring ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ (1988)

1 . Don’t Worry Be Happy (Official Video)

2 . Good Lovin’

3 . Drive

4 . Drive My Car

5 . At Blue Note (w/ Jevon McFerrin)

Track Listing : 1.Don’T Worry, Be Happy (Bobby Mcferrin) – 04:54 . 2.All I Want (Bobby Mcferrin) – 02:56 . 3.Drive My Car (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) – 02:44 . 4.Simple Pleasures (Bobby Mcferrin) – 02:08 . 5.Good Lovin’ (Rudy Clark, Arthur Resnick) – 02:58 . 6.Come To Me (Bobby Mcferrin) – 03:38 . 7.Susie-Q (Eleanor Broadwater, Dale Hawkins, Stan Lewis) – 02:50 . 8.Drive (Bobby Mcferrin) – 03:58 . 9.Them Changes (Uddy Miles) – 03:55 . 10.Sunshine Of Your Love (Pete Brown, Jack Bruce, Eric Clapton) – 03:43

Musicians : Bobby Mcferrin – Vocals

Production : Produced By Linda Goldstein

Recorded 1988.

Released On August 22, 1988 By Emi.


Robert Christgau
No matter how much aid and comfort it gives the enemy, there’s no point denying “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” unless you’re tin-eared enough to think it doesn’t capture a feeling or deluded enough to think poor people never share it. […]

badliver @ RateYourMusic
The best acapella album alltime! Funny and fresh,swinging and relaxed too-Simple but very high intelligence use of the different voices!A Voice-master in perfection! […]

Actually, overall, this album is not quite up to the level of his previous two, for instead of taking unaccompanied vocals, the remarkable singer overdubbed his voice many times, which reduces the miraculous nature of his talents. […]


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