Starting today, Bobby McFerrin tours Germany where he will record ‘The Voice,’ a live album (1984)

Bobby McFerrin‘s ‘The Voice’ is a live album recorded between March 17 & 26, 1984 in Germany and released the same year by Elektra.


Starting today, Bobby McFerrin tours Germany where he will record ‘The Voice,’ a live album (1984)

Track Listing : 1.Blackbird (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) – 03:07 . 2.The Jump (Bobby Mcferrin) – 04:48 . 3.El Brujo (Bobby Mcferrin) – 04:11 . 4.I Feel Good (James Brown) – 03:19 . 5.I’M My Own Walkman (Bobby Mcferrin) – 04:02 . 6.Music Box (Bobby Mcferrin) – 03:56 . 7.Medley: Donna Lee | Big Top | We’Re In The Money (Al Dubin, Bobby Mcferrin, Charlie Parker, Harry Warren) – 07:22 . 8.I’M Alone (Bobby Mcferrin) – 04:41 . 9.T.J. (Bobby Mcferrin) – 03:48 . 10.A-Train (Billy Strayhorn) – 03:58

David Michael Kennedy
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  • Musicians : Bobby Mcferrin – Vocals

    Production : Produced By Linda Goldstein . Steve Addabbo – Engineer . Carlos Albrecht – Engineer . Jack Skinner – Mastering

    Package : Bob Defrin – Art Direction . David Michael Kennedy asterisques RVM – Photography

    Recorded Between March 17 & 26, 1984.

    Released In 1984 By Elektra.

    (Source Bobby McFerrin – The Voice | Official Site)


    Bobby McFerrin‘s amazing ability to switch back and forth between bass notes and falsetto, along with his talent for jumping octaves, made this record quite a virtuoso showcase. […]

    charlesl7 @ RateYourMusic
    It’s a shame that McFerrin is largely only remembered for his pop hit “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”and not for this album, where his incredible vocal talent is displayed in all its glory. […]

    Robert Christgau
    One reason the voice is such a sublime instrument is that it can pronounce wordsand give or take a catchphrase or two the only ones he bothers with here are his own lyrics for “I’m My Own Walkman. […]


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