Warner Bros. release Brad Mehldau’s ‘Elegiac Cycle,’ piano solo album (1999)

Brad Mehldau‘s ‘Elegiac Cycle’ is a piano solo album produced by Melhdau himself and released on June 8, 1999 by Warner Bros.


Warner Bros. release Brad Mehldau’s ‘Elegiac Cycle,’ piano solo album (1999)

1 . Resignation (solo)

2 . Goodbye Storyteller (for Fred Myrow)

3 . Goodbye Storyteller (Documentary interview)

Track Listing : 1.Bard (Brad Mehldau) – 02:45 . 2.Resignation (Brad Mehldau) – 05:34 . 3.Memory’S Tricks (Brad Mehldau) – 09:17 . 4.Elegy For William Burroughs And Allen Ginsberg (Brad Mehldau) – 04:43 . 5.Lament For Linus (Brad Mehldau) – 01:27 . 6.Trailer Park Ghost (Brad Mehldau) – 09:19 . 7.Goodbye Storyteller (For Fred Myrow) (Brad Mehldau) – 10:27 . 8.Rückblick (Brad Mehldau) – 08:56 . 9.The Bard Returns (Brad Mehldau) – 04:16

Musicians : Brad Mehldau – Piano

Production : Produced By Brad Mehldau Bernie Kirsch – Engineer . Alan Yoshida – Mastering

Package : Lawrence Azerrad – Art Direction

Recorded February 1–2, 1999 At Mad Hatter Studios, Los Angeles.

Released On June 8, 1999 By Warner Bros..

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Great dynamic leaps, swinging rhythmic bounces, and full-fleshed harmonies combine in nearly every piece with classical precision and a jazz-like feeling of rhapsodic anticipation. […]

It is unlikely that anyone, including Mehldau, knows where his music is headed as he develops, but his sixth album (his fifth for Warner Bros.) is an intriguing stop on the way. If you buy it, be sure to read Mehldau’s essay about the music. […]

PC_Music @ RateYourMusic
Even sometimes Mehldau seems randomly making improvised research in the technical and fast tracks, I never feel bored at all because his piano playing remains very expressive and can carry me away… […]


Warner Bros. release Brad Mehldau’s ‘Elegiac Cycle,’ piano solo album (1999)

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