Sire publish ‘My Life in the Bush of Ghosts,’ a collaboration album by Brian Eno and David Byrne (1981)

‘My Life in the Bush of Ghosts’ by Brian Eno & David Byrne is an album titled after a novel by Amos Tutuola and released in February 1981 by Sire.

Track Listing : 1.America Is Waiting (Brian Eno, David Byrne, Bill Laswell, Tim Wright, David Van Tieghem) – 03:36 . [Unidentified Indignant Radio Host (Ray Taliaferro Of Kgo Newstalk Am 810), San Francisco, April 1980] . 2.Mea Culpa (David Byrne, Brian Eno) – 03:35 . [Inflamed Caller And Smooth Politician Replying, Both Unidentified. Radio Call-In Show, New York, July 1979] . 3.Regiment (Brian Eno, David Byrne, Michael Busta Cherry Jones, Chris Frantz, Robert Fripp) – 03:56 . {Dunya Yunis, Lebanese Mountain Singer, From The Human Voice In The World Of Islam (Tangent Records Tgs131)] . 4.Help Me Somebody (David Byrne, Brian Eno) – 04:18 . [Reverend Paul Morton, Broadcast Sermon, New Orleans, June 1980] . 5.The Jezebel Spirit (David Byrne, Brian Eno) – 04:55 . [Unidentified Exorcist, New York, September 1980] . 6.Qu’Ran (David Byrne, Brian Eno) – 03:46 . [Algerian Muslims Chanting The Qur’An, From The Human Voice In The World Of Islam (Tangent Records Tgs131)] . 7.Moonlight In Glory (David Byrne, Brian Eno) – 04:19 . [The Moving Star Hall Singers, Sea Islands, Georgia. (From The Moving Star Hall Singers, Folkways Fs 3841). Produced By Guy Carawan] . 8.The Carrier (David Byrne, Brian Eno) – 03:30 . {Dunya Yunis, Lebanese Mountain Singer, From The Human Voice In The World Of Islam (Tangent Records Tgs131)] . 9.A Secret Life (David Byrne, Brian Eno) – 02:30 . [Samira Tewfik, Lebanese Popular Singer. (From Les Plus Grandes Artistes Du Monde Arabe, Emi)] . 10.Come Us (David Byrne, Brian Eno) – 02:38 . |Unidentified Radio Evangelist, San Francisco, April 1980] . 11.Mountain Of Needles (David Byrne, Brian Eno) – 02:35

Musicians : David Byrne – Guitars, Bass Guitars, Synthesizers, Drums, Percussion, Found Objects . Brian Eno – Guitars, Bass Guitars, Synthesizers, Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Found Objects . John Cooksey – Drums On (4 – 6) . Chris Frantz – Drums On (3) . Busta Cherry Jones – Bass Guitar On (3) . Dennis Keeley – Bodhrán On (2) . Bill Laswell – Bass Guitar On (1) . Mingo Lewis – Batá, Sticks On (5 – 8) . Prairie Prince – Can, Bass Drum On (5 – 8) . Jose Rossy – Congas, Agong-Gong On (7) . Steve Scales – Congas, Metals On (4) . David Van Tieghem – Drums, Percussion On (1 – 3) . Tim Wright – Click Bass On (1) . Rooks – On (4) Courtesy Of April Potts, Recorded At Eglingham Hall

Production : Produced By David Byrne, Brian Eno . Stacy Baird – Engineer . Greg Calbi – Mastering . Hugo Dwyer – Engineer . Mike Ewasko – Engineer . Dave Jerden – Engineer . Howard Johnston – Engineer . Eddie Korvin – Engineer . Don Mack – Engineer . Johnny Potoker – Engineer . George Sloan – Engineer . Neal Teeman – Engineer

Package : Brian Eno – Artwork

Recorded August 4, 1979 – October 1980 At Rpm Studios, New York City (Nyc), Usa; Blue Rock Studios, Nyc; Eldorado, Burbank, California, Usa; Different Fur, San Francisco, California; Sigma Sound, Nyc.

Released In February 1981 By Sire.


An album that’s built on serendipity– on Brian Eno fooling around with a new type of drum machine, on syncing the hook in a tape loop to a chorus, on finding the right horrors on the radio– can’t score 100%. […]

Rolling Stone
When they don’t succumb to exoticism or cuteness — luckily, that’s most of the album — the Byrne-Eno backups are fascinating, complementing the sources without absorbing them. David Byrne and Brian Eno pile up riffs and cross-rhythms to build drama, yet they keep the cuts uncluttered and mysterious. […]

It sure sounds prescient, but at the same time there’s something almost painfully naive about it, like seeing the futuristic predictions made by people living decades in the past. […]


‘My Life in the Bush of Ghosts’ by Brian Eno & David Byrne on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]M


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