Bucky Pizzarelli & John Pizzarelli release a collaborative album ‘Generations’ (2007)

‘Generations’ by Bucky & John Pizzarelli is a father & son album released on April 10, 2007 by Arbors Records.

Track Listing : 1.Fred (Neal Hefti) – 03:49 . 2.Polka Dots And Moon Beams (Johnny Burke, James Van Heusen) – 05:32 . 3.Rose Room (Art Hickman, Harry Williams) – 03:58 . 4.Midnight Sun (Sonny Burke, Lionel Hampton, Johnny Mercer) – 05:23 . 5.A Sleepin’ Bee (Harold Arlen, Truman Capote) – 03:41 . 6.At Sundown (Walter Donaldson) – 03:44 . 7.I’Ll Remember April (Gene Depaul, Patricia Johnston, Don Raye) – 04:24 . 8.The Second Movement Of Sonatina (Federico Moreno Torroba) – 02:44 . 9.Darn That Dream (Eddie Delange, James Van Heusen) – 03:34 . 10.Avalon (Buddy Desylva, Al Jolson, Vincent Rose) – 03:42 . 11.Early Autumn (Ralph Burns, Woody Herman, Johnny Mercer) – 06:00 . 12.Graham Avenue Stroll (Bucky Pizzarelli, John Pizzarelli) – 04:48 . 13.How Long Has This Been Going On (George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin) – 04:33 . 14.The Way You Look Tonight (Dorothy Fields, Jerome Kern) – 04:59

Musicians : Bucky Pizzarelli – Guitar . John Pizzarelli – Guitar

Production : Produced By Bucky Pizzarelli, John Pizzarelli Johanna Cranitch – Engineer . Jim Czak – Engineer, Mastering, Mixing . Bill Moss – Engineer

Recorded On May 17, 2006.

Released On April 10, 2007 By Arbors Records.


Audiophile Audition
While Bucky Pizzarelli is clearly the pater familias of the Pizzarelli clan, in this offering, he and son John share comparable billingand this outing showcases the unwavering affection between them. […]

Playing seven-string guitars (each equipped with a low B string), they cover a wide tonal range from low-end walking bass lines to high-end streams of single notes and richly voiced chords. […]

The very deliberate rendition of “I’ll Remember April” is refreshing, allowing for intricate playing that isn’t possible when the tune is played at the typical race-horse tempo in a jazz setting. […]


‘Generations’ by Bucky & John Pizzarelli M


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