Buddy Guy releases his twenty sixth album : ‘Living Proof’ (2010)

Buddy Guy‘s ‘Living Proof’ is his twenty sixth (and his highest charting) studio album released on October 25, 2010 by Silvertone, Jive.


Buddy Guy releases his twenty sixth album : ‘Living Proof’ (2010)

Track Listing : 1.74 Years Young (Tom Hambridge, Gary Nicholson) – 04:34 . 2.Thank Me Someday (Buddy Guy, Tom Hambridge) – 05:42 . 3.On The Road (Richard Fleming, Tom Hambridge) – 04:11 . 4.Stay Around A Little Longer (Tom Hambridge, Gary Nicholson) – 05:00 . 5.Key Don’T Fit (Tom Hambridge, Gary Nicholson) – 05:02 . 6.Living Proof (Tom Hambridge) – 03:45 . 7.Where The Blues Begins (Tom Hambridge, Gary Nicholson) – 04:37 . 8.Too Soon (Richard Fleming, Buddy Guy, Tom Hambridge) – 03:26 . 9.Everybody’S Got To Go (Richard Fleming, Buddy Guy, Tom Hambridge) – 03:57 . 10.Let The Door Knob Hit Ya (Buddy Guy, Tom Hambridge) – 03:44 . 11.Guess What (Richard Fleming, Tom Hambridge) – 05:44 . 12.Skanky (Buddy Guy, Tom Hambridge) – 04:16

Paul Natkin

Musicians : Buddy Guy – Guitars, Vocals . David Grissom – Guitar . Tommy Macdonald – Bass . Michael Rhodes – Bass . Tom Hambridge – Drums, Percussion, Tambourine, Vocals (Background) . Marty Sammon – Piano . Reese Wynans – Clavinet, Fender Rhodes, Hammond B3, Piano, Wurlitzer . B.B. King – Guitar, Vocals On (4) . Carlos Santana – Conga, Guitar On (7) . Jack Hale – Trombone . Wayne Jackson – Trumpet . Tom Mcginley – Tenor Saxophone . The Memphis Horns – Horns . Bekka Bramlett – Background Vocals . Wendy Moten – Background Vocals

Production : Produced By Tom Hambridge . Vance Powell – Engineer . John Netti – Engineer . Jim Reitzel – Engineer . Rob Root – Engineer . Colin Linden – Engineer . Michael St. Leon – Engineer . Ducky Carlisle – Mixing Engineer . Nick Autry – Assistant Engineer . Mike Rooney, Joel Margolis – Assistant Engineer . Ray Kennedy – Mastering

Package : Chuck Lanza – Photography . Paul Natkin asterisques RVM – Photography . Courtney Walter – Art Direction

Recorded In 2010.

Released On October 25, 2010 By Silvertone, Jive.

(Source Buddy Guy‘s ‘Living Proof’ | The Official Buddy Guy Site)


Here he’s joined by another blues legend, B.B. King, for a slower, soulful, gospel-tinged ballad on which the two great veterans congratulate themselves on how good they still sound. That may seem horribly mawkish, but they mean what they say and the result is a friendly, poignant little piece of blues history. […]

Chicago Blues Guide
It’s hard to believe Buddy Guy is as old as he is, while listening to his highly distinctive voice as he recounts his own past on “Thank Me Someday” and growling through “Let The Door Knob Hit Ya”. Equally impressive is his brilliance on the guitar, which has not diminished over the years as evidenced on “Key Don’t Fit”, which comes over as a nice mixture of Jimi Hendrix’s “Red House” and Bo Diddley’s “Before You Accuse Me”. […]

The Guardian
His stratospheric solo on “74 Years Young” shows where Hendrix found inspiration, while Eric Clapton‘, Stevie Ray Vaughan et al borrowed from his tone and phrasing. Living Proof is an autobiographical suite, hatched with producer/drummer Tom Hambridge after the latter taped Guy’s reminiscences. […]


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