Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band release their twelfth and final album : ‘Ice Cream for Crow’ (1982)

‘Ice Cream for Crow’ by Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band is their twelfth and final studio album released in September 1982 by Epic, Virgin.

Track listing : 1.Ice Cream for Crow (Don Van Vliet) – 04:35 . 2.The Host the Ghost the Most Holy-O (Don Van Vliet) – 02:25 . 3.Semi-Multicoloured Caucasian (Don Van Vliet) – 04:20 . 4.Hey Garland, I Dig Your Tweed Coat (Don Van Vliet) – 03:13 . 5.Evening Bell (Don Van Vliet) – 02:00 . 6.Cardboard Cutout Sundown (Don Van Vliet) – 02:38 . 7.The Past Sure Is Tense (Don Van Vliet) – 03:21 . 8.Ink Mathematics (Don Van Vliet) – 01:40 . 9.The Witch Doctor Life (Don Van Vliet) – 02:38 . 10.’81 Poop Hatch (Don Van Vliet) – 02:39 . 11.The Thousandth and Tenth Day of the Human Totem Pole (Don Van Vliet) – 05:42 . 12.Skeleton Makes Good (Don Van Vliet) – 02:18 .

Anton Corbijn

Musicians : Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart) – Vocals, Harmonica, Soprano Sax, Chinese Gongs, Prop Horn . Jeff Moris Tepper – Steel Appendage Guitar, Slide Guitar, Acoustic Guitar . Gary Lucas – Glass–Finger Guitar, Slide Guitar, Guitar, National Steel Duolian . Richard “Midnight Hatsize” Snyder – Bass Guitar, Marimba, Viola . Cliff R. Martinez – Drums, Shake Bouquet, Glass Washboard, Metal Drums . Eric Drew Feldman – Rhodes Piano, Synthesized Bass .

Production Produced by Don Van Vliet . Janet Van Vliet & Jeff M. Tepper – Production assistance . Don Van Vliet – Arranger . Phil Brown – Engineer & Mastering .

Package : Anton Corbijn asterisques RVM – Photography . Michael Hollyfield – Art Direction, Design . Michael Kent Rothman – Photography .

Recorded May–June, 1982 at Warner Brothers Studios, North Hollywood, California .

Released in September 1982 by Epic, Virgin.


Rolling Stone
Personally, I have nothing but gratitude for almost every note he’s ever played, but a few observations about his new record may be in order. First, in addition to the whooping crane and the manatee, Captain Beefheart‘s voice should be added to the list of endangered species. […]

After two comparatively straightforward (a comparative term in Beefheart’s universe, to be sure) tracks—the bouncy title track and “The Host the Ghost The Most Holy-O”—Beefheart shoots off into the atmosphere, riffing endlessly, cleverly over Gary Lucas’ broken-bones guitar. […]

. It’s a last entertaining blast of wigginess from one of the few truly independent artists in late 20th century pop music, with humor, skilland style all still intact (as even the song titles like “Semi-Multicoloured Caucasian” and “Cardboard Cutout Sundown” show). […]


‘Ice Cream for Crow’ by Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band



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