A&M publish ‘Carpenters,’ their eponymous third album featuring ‘Superstar’ (1971)

Carpenters‘ feat. ‘Superstar’ is their eponymous third studio album released on May 14, 1971 by A&M.


A&M publish ‘Carpenters,’ their eponymous third album featuring ‘Superstar’ (1971)

Track Listing : 1.Rainy Days And Mondays (Roger Nichols, Paul Williams) – 03:40 . 2.Saturday (John Bettis, Richard Carpenter) – 01:20 . 3.Let Me Be The One (Roger Nichols, Paul Williams) – 02:25 . 4.(A Place To) Hideaway (Randy Sparks) – 03:40 . 5.For All We Know (Fred Karlin, Arthur James, Robb Wilson) – 02:34 . 6.Superstar (Bonnie Bramlett, Leon Russell) – 03:49 . 7.Druscilla Penny (John Bettis, Richard Carpenter) – 02:18 . 8.One Love (John Bettis, Richard Carpenter) – 03:23 . 9.Bacharach/David Medley (Burt Bacharach, Hal David) – 05:25 . Knowing When To Leave . Make It Easy On Yourself . (There’S) Always Something There To Remind Me . I’Ll Never Fall In Love Again . Walk On By . Do You Know The Way To San Jose . 10.Sometimes (Henry And Felice Mancini) – 02:52

Guy Webster

Musicians : The Carpenters – Group . Karen Carpenter – Drums, Vocals . Richard Carpenter – Piano, Harpsichord, Wurlitzer Electric, Piano, Hammond Organ, Vocals, Orchestration . Hal Blaine – Drums . Jim Horn – Reeds . Bob Messenger – Bass, Reeds . Tommy Morgan – Harmonica On Rainy Days And Mondays . Joe Osborn – Bass . Doug Strawn – Reeds

Production : Produced By Jack Daugherty . Richard Carpenter . Dick Bogert – Engineer . Ray Gerhardt – Engineer . Norm Kinney – Assistant Engineer

Arrangements : Richard Carpenter

Package : Guy Webster asterisques RVM – Photography . Roland Young – Art Direction

Recorded 1970–71.

Released On May 14, 1971 By A&M.

(Source CarpentersCarpenters | Richard and Karen Carpenter Official Site)

Carpenters‘ feat. ‘Superstar’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]’ />


Nothing else in the history of pop music sounds quite like their otherworldly blend of sunny harmonies and glimpses into the abyss; in retrospect it seems amazing that they ever could have been on the charts anywhere on planet Earth, let alone field a half dozen or so Top 10 hits. […]

It’s easy to see why this record made it to be such a big hit, but not so much to listen to more than a few times. The Carpenters rule, and they mos def rep CT well (they were born in New Haven ffs), just maybe not so much on this album. […]

The Carpenters‘ radio-friendly soft rock virtually defined the genre in the early 1970s, and this album — their third full-length — was the group’s ace card. […]


A&M publish ‘Carpenters,’ their eponymous third album featuring ‘Superstar’ (1971)


Carpenters‘ feat. ‘Superstar’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]M


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