The Cars release, after a 24 years silence, ‘Move Like This,’ their seventh album (2011)

The Cars‘ ‘Move Like This’ is their seventh studio album (their first since 1987) released on May 10, 2011 by Hear Music.

Track Listing : 1.Blue Tip (Ric Ocasek) – 03:13 . 2.Too Late (Ric Ocasek) – 04:01 . 3.Keep On Knocking (Ric Ocasek) – 03:52 . 4.Soon (Ric Ocasek) – 04:23 . 5.Sad Song (Ric Ocasek) – 03:38 . 6.Free (Ric Ocasek) – 03:17 . 7.Drag On Forever (Ric Ocasek) – 03:37 . 8.Take Another Look (Ric Ocasek) – 04:46 . 9.It’S Only (Ric Ocasek) – 03:01 . 10.Hits Me (Ric Ocasek) – 03:51

Musicians : The Cars – Band . Ric Ocasek – Lvocals, Guitars, Keyboards . Elliot Easton – Guitars, Background Vocals . Greg Hawkes – Keyboards, Bass Guitar, Guitars, Background Vocals . David Robinson – Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals . Jacknife Lee – Bass

Production : Produced By Jacknife Lee, The Cars .

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The Cars


Yet, as Ocasek has pointed out, there’s still no one who’s as good at sounding like the Cars as the Cars are. That’s something, for sure. […]

Musically, it’s a brilliant merger of past and present. Lyrically, it doesn’t send the same singalong signals that are so prevalent in past hits. […]

Rolling Stone
Orr added some warmth, a touch of daylight, to the proceedings, but with him gone, Ocasek has burnished the group’s music to a glossier shade of noir. […]


The Cars‘ ‘Move Like This’


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