Cassandra Wilson – Coming Forth by Day

Released on April 7, 2015, “Coming Forth by Day” is an album by Cassandra Wilson, dedicated to Billie Holiday and produced by Nick Launay.

Track Listing : 1.Don’T Explain (Billie Holiday, Arthur Herzog Jr.) – 04:35 . 2.Billie’S Blues (Billie Holiday) – 05:08 . 3.Crazy He Calls Me (Carl Sigman, Bob Russell) – 06:19 . 4.You Go To My Head (J. Fred Coots, Haven Gillespie) – 04:08 . 5.All Of Me (Gerald Marks, Seymour Simons) – 04:06 . 6.The Way You Look Tonight (Jerome Kern, Dorothy Fields) – 03:50 . 7.Good Morning Heartache (Irene Higginbotham, Ervin Drake, Dan Fisher) – 04:57 . 8.What A Little Moonlight Can Do (Harry M. Woods) – 04:10 . 9.These Foolish Things (Eric Maschwitz, Jack Strachey) – 04:14 . 10.Strange Fruit (Abel Meeropol) – 04:54 . 11.I’Ll Be Seeing You (Sammy Fain, Irving Kahal) – 06:09 . 12.Last Song (For Lester) (Cassandra Wilson) – 05:51

Musicians : Cassandra Wilson – Vocals . Thomas Wydler – Drums . Martyn Casey – Bass . Kevin Breit – Guitar . Jon Cowherd – Piano . Robby Marshall – Saxophone

Production : Produced By Nick Launay . Van Dyke Parks

Arrangements : Van Dyke Parks

Recorded 2014 – 2015 At A Studio In Los Angeles.

Released On April 7, 2015 By Legacy / Sony Music.

(Source Coming Forth by Day | Cassandra Wilson – Official Site)

Cassandra Wilson - Coming Forth by Day


Cassandra Wilson ‘Couldn’t Wait’ To Reinvent The Billie Holiday SongbookWilson also takes on “Strange Fruit,” a protest against racism — specifically, the lynching of African-Americans. Her version takes on renewed purpose in light of the recent high-profile police killings of unarmed black men, and the Black Lives Matter movement which rose in their wake. […]

The Wall Street Journal
Throughout the album, she enters cautiously, as if she is waiting to see what evolves or how she can move the band where she thinks it needs to go. “Don’t Explain” picks up after Mr. Marshall’s saxophone solo brings out a dark chuckle from the singer, who instructs him to “say that one more time.” […]

The Huffington Post
Cassandra Wilson Says ‘Happy 100th, Lady Day’Coming Forth features a profound take on “Crazy He Calls Me,” a song first recorded by Holiday in October 1949, shortly after my father, Carl Sigman, and his collaborator, Bob Russell, finished writing it. I was born just a couple of months before its release as a single, so I’ve always considered it the “Crazy” sister I never had. […]





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Coming Forth By Day [2 LP] Formato: Vinile

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