Cassandra Wilson releases ‘Thunderbird,’ an album produced By T-Bone Burnett (2006)

Cassandra Wilson‘s ‘Thunderbird’ is an album produced By T-Bone Burnett and released on April 4, 2006, by Blue Note.


Cassandra Wilson releases ‘Thunderbird,’ an album produced By T-Bone Burnett (2006)

1 . I Want To Be Loved

Cassandra Wilson – Thunderbird

Track Listing : 1.Go To Mexico (Keith Ciancia, Mike Elizondo, Zigaboo Modeliste, Art Neville, Leo Nocentelli, George Porter, Jr, Cassandra Wilson) – 04:14 . 2.Closer To You (Jakob Dylan) – 05:49 . 3.Easy Rider (Traditional) – 07:03 . 4.It Would Be So Easy (Keith Ciancia, Mike Elizondo, Mike Piersante, Cassandra Wilson) – 05:10 . 5.Red River Valley (Traditional) – 05:52 . 6.Poet (Keith Ciancia, Cassandra Wilson) – 05:27 . 7.I Want To Be Loved (Willie Dixon) – 04:03 . 8.Lost (Joseph Henry Burnett) – 03:34 . 9.Strike A Match (Joseph Henry Burnett, Ethan Coen) – 04:47 . 10.Tarot (Keith Ciancia, Jim Keltner, Cassandra Wilson) – 03:51

Musicians : Cassandra Wilson – Vocals, Guitar . Jay Bellerose – Drums . Keith Ciancia – Double Bass, Piano, Keyboards, Programming, Synthesizer Strings . Mike Elizondo – Bass Programming, Synthesizer Strings . Keb’ Mo’ – Guitar . Jim Keltner – Drums . Colin Linden – Guitar . Grégoire Maret – Harmonica On (10) . Bill Maxwell – Drums . Marc Ribot – Guitar . Reginald Veal – Double Bass . Mike Piersante – Percussion On (10)

Production : Produced By T-Bone Burnett, Keith Ciancia Steve Genewick – Assistant Engineer . Emile Kelman – Assistant Engineer . François Lardeau – Engineer . Gavin Lurssen – Mastering . Steve Rodby – Engineer . Andy Taub – Engineer . Jason Wormer – Assistant Engineer

Package : Melanie Dunea – Cover Photo . Gordon H. Jee – Art Direction . Clay Patrick Mcbride – Inlay Photography

Recorded 2005 – 2006 At Capitol Studios, Hollywood, Ca – The Village Recorder And Electro Magnetic Studio, The Green Room, Los Angeles, Ca – Dangerous Music, Ny..

Released On April 4, 2006 By Blue Note.

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It seems a fair bet that some of Ms. Wilson’s fans may find this record a sell-out or a betrayal of her “purer” style. But Cassandra has never had a pure style. She’s been morphing from the very start, finding different collaborators and allowing her art to be reframed and pushed in new directions. Maybe it’s the most “jazz” thing about her—her Miles-ian restlessness. […]

The overall effect is like being submerged in a tribal elixir, emerging with emotions fully stirred. Enchanting? Indeed. Or more accurately, enchanted. […]

All About Jazz
However, this electric turn is not Wilson’s best work… as are Easy Rider, Red River Valley and I Want to Be Loved. […]


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