John Coltrane and Paul Quinichette record ‘Cattin’ with Coltrane and Quinichette’ (1957)

‘Cattin’ with Coltrane and Quinichette’ by John Coltrane & Paul Quinichette is an album recorded on May 17, 1957 and released in 1959 by Prestige.

Track Listing : 1.Cattin’ (Mal Waldron) – 07:20 . 2.Sunday (Ned Miller, Jule Styne) – 06:58 . 3.Exactly Like You (Jimmy Mchugh) – 06:45 . 4.Anatomy (Mal Waldron) – 08:48 . 5.Vodka (Mal Waldron) – 09:02 . 6.Tea For Two (Mal Waldron) – 08:05

Musicians : John Coltrane – Tenor Saxophone Except (3 – 6) . Paul Quinichette – Tenor Saxophone . Julian Euell – Double Bass . Ed Thigpen – Drums . Mal Waldron – Piano

Production : Produced By Bob Weinstock Rudy Van Gelder – Engineer

Package : Bob Snead – Liner Notes

Recorded On May 17, 1957 At Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, Nj.

Released In 1959 By Prestige.

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Like the tenor meeting between Sonny Rollins and Coleman Hawkins a few years later, the contrast between Coltrane’s modern lines and Quinichette’s older tradition is of some interest, and sometimes they play in each other’s direction. Unlike Sonny and Hawk, Trane and The Q are more casual about it. […]

One of the best early Coltrane albums in my view, for which I sometimes have a preference, rather than exhaustion from forty minutes of Coltrane’s later spiritual phase.(Uproar as Coltrane fans shove keyboards through monitor screens in protest at LJC. ) […]

walterx4 @ RateYourMusic
Well, I’ve loved it since discovering it two years ago. This 1957 session features the smooth sax style of Paul Quinichette and the, well you know, Coltrane style of John Coltrane. I love the way the bass thumps along on “Sunday” and honestly, I just don’t hear much wrong with any of the songs. […]


‘Cattin’ with Coltrane and Quinichette’ by John Coltrane & Paul Quinichette


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