Cecil Taylor records the album ‘Love for Sale’ for United Artists (1959)

Cecil Taylor‘s ‘Love for Sale’ is an album recorded on April 15, 1959 and released by United Artists.

Track Listing : 1.Get Out Of Town (Cole Porter) – 09:12 . 2.I Love Paris (Cole Porter) – 05:11 . 3.Love For Sale (Cole Porter) – 08:15 . 4.Little Lees (A.K.A. Louise) (Cecil Tayor) – 09:04 . 5.Matie’S Trophies (A.K.A. Motystrophe Or Blues) (Cecil Tayor) – 010:13 . 6.Carol/Three Points (Cecil Tayor) – 08:16

Musicians : Cecil Taylor – Piano . Buell Neidlinger – Bass . Denis Charles – Drums . Bill Barron – Tenor Saxophone (4-6) . Ted Curson – Trumpet (4-6)

Production : Produced By Michael Cuscuna . Lewis Merritt Engineer

Recorded On April 15, 1959 At Nola’S Penthouse Studios, Nyc.

Released On April 15, 1959 By United Artists.

(Source Cecil Taylor‘s ‘Love for Sale’ | Love For Sale Cecil Taylor @ Wikipedia)


This may be the straightest record Cecil Taylor ever recorded, but it is far from uninspiring, despite its hopelessly gauche cover — one can only presume Taylor had no say-so in the choice of artwork used. […]

On “Get Out of Town”, Cecil starts by playing solo for most of the first chorus and he is stating clearly the original melody ornamenting it with a “sticky” melodic phrase in his left hand. In the end of the chorus the bass comes in. […]

Cecil Taylor‘s early albums produced by Blue Note are all of outstanding value and this one is no exception. The music flows effortlessly and sounds aggressive and tender at the same time. Taylor is just unique, one of the most individual voices in jazz. […]


Cecil Taylor‘s ‘Love for Sale’


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