Cha-Chas Del Mundo

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Cha-Chas Del Mundo : The popularity of the Joe Loss orchestra withstood the rapid changes that took place after the war, and unashamedly pandered to the fashions of the time. As the dance halls gave way to television so did the band. By playing whatever was proving popular at the time the band never became anachronistic and outlasted all its rivals- playing up until the end of the 1980s.

Goliath : “We went from making modular mixing consoles to the first flat panel–the IS–which was built by members of the band I was in. called Rinky Dink and The Crystal Set. I was the keyboard player, we got one LP deal with EMI Harvest before it all fell apart. You can tell by lifting the panel out–if there’s a five-way wire plait from the power input on to the PCB, that’s a Rinky Dink build. They were in to … leatherwork.” : Formed in 1962, Los Zafiros were a vocal quartet augmented by the guitarist and arranger Manuel Galban. Originally inspired by American vocal groups such as the Platters and the Coasters, they soon added their own Cuban flavour to create a unique and heady mix of doo-wop, ballads and boleros, soul and samba, tumbaos and twists.

iWorksMusic : Emile Carrara, born Aug. 2, 1915 in Paris, has dedicated his life to music. He completed his musical studies, only with the help of music and books harmony.

Dany & The Junior : Early in 1958 Dick Clark presented Danny And The Juniors with a gold record for At The Hop on American Bandstand, the first of many awards and accolades they would receive over their career, including Best New Group of 1957 and the prestigious Philadelphia Music Alliance Achievement Award more recently.

Wikipedia : Hooker spent most of the 1960s playing in Chicago clubs with his band, often with Junior Wells.[4] Hooker played slide guitar on the 1962 Muddy Waters recording “You Shook Me”. In 1969 he recorded an album, Hooker ‘n Steve, with organist and pianist Steve Miller (not to be confused with the guitarist and bandleader Steve Miller) for Arhoolie Records.

MSN : Led by 90-year-old guitarist and vocalist Don Regelio Martinez, La Sonora Matancera has been called, by the Guinness Book of World Records, “the group with the longest duration.”

S p a c e A g e P o p M u s i c : In 1940, Don Swan began working with Xavier Cugat, beginning a long and successful career in Latin music. He arranged for Cugat off and on for the next 20 years, and came into demand among big band leaders in search of Latin composition. He composed and arranged cha-chas, rhumbas, mambos, boleros, and other pieces for acts ranging from Freddy Martin to Skinnay Ennis.

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