Roulette publish ‘The Chairman of the Board,’ an album by Count Basie and his Orchestra (1959)

Count Basie’s ‘The Chairman of the Board’ is a studio album recorded with his orchestra and released on April 18, 1959 by Roulette.

Track Listing : 1.Blues In Hoss’ Flat (Count Basie, Frank Foster) – 03:13 . 2.H.R.H. (Her Royal Highness) (Count Basie, Thad Jones) – 02:40 . 3.Segue In C (Frank Wess) – 06:15 . 4.Kansas City Shout (Henry Wells) – 03:34 . 5.Speaking Of Sounds (Jo Jones) – 03:27 . 6.Tv Time (Frank Foster) – 03:16 . 7.Who, Me? (Frank Foster) – 05:13 . 8.The Deacon (Jo Jones) – 04:50 . 9.Half Moon Street (Frank Wess) – 03:25 . 10.Mutt & Jeff (Jo Jones, Jack Mcduff) – 03:39

Musicians : The Count Basie Orchestra – Orchestra . Count Basie – Piano . Frank Foster – Tenor Saxophone . Eddie Jones – Double Bass . Charlie Fowlkes – Bass Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone . Marshal Royal – Clarinet, Alto Saxophone . Sonny Payne – Drums . Frank Wess – Flute, Alto Saxophone . Freddie Green – Guitar . Billy Mitchell – Tenor Saxophone . Henry Coker – Trombone . Al Grey Trombone . Benny Powell Trombone . Thad Jones – Trumpet . Wendell Culley – Trumpet . Joe Newman Trumpet . Snooky Young Trumpet

Production : Produced By Teddy Reig . Thad Jones, Ernie Wilkins, Frank Foster, Frank Wess

Arrangements : Thad Jones, Ernie Wilkins, Frank Foster, Frank Wess

Recorded On March 4, 1958 At Universal Studios, Chicago And On April 28 & 29, December 10 & 11, 1959 At Capital Studios, New York.

Released On April 18, 1959 By Roulette .

(Source Count Basie‘s ‘The Chairman of the Board’ | Count Basie – Discography)


Thad Jones: Chairman of the Board Each arrangement has a parfait-porterhouse dichotomy, shifting effortlessly from a light, wispy feel with flute added to a bedrock bottom driven by trombones and reeds. In some cases, these two different feels were handsomely merged with breathtaking results. […]

The record is admittedly heavy on the blues, but it’s a brassy, powerful vision of the blues; Foster’s “Blues in Hoss’ Flat” and Wilkins’ “Kansas City Shout” take the band back to its hometown, beginning with a subtle swing but ending with a raucous display of power from each section. […]

Bob Bernotas
But make no mistake, this reborn unit was packed with accomplished soloists. One by one, the Count brought in modern, bop-inspired improvisors who also were completely at home in the Basie idiom. […]


Count Basie‘s ‘The Chairman of the Board’


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