Charles Mingus records ‘Pithecanthropus Erectus,’ an album for Atlantic (1956)

Charles Mingus‘ ‘Pithecanthropus Erectus’ is an album recorded on January 30, 1956 and released the same year by Atlantic.

Track Listing : 1.Pithecanthropus Erectus (Charles Mingus) – 10:36 . 2.A Foggy Day (George Gershwin) – 07:50 . 3.Profile Of Jackie (Charles Mingus) – 03:11 . 4.Love Chant (Charles Mingus) – 14:59

Musicians : Charles Mingus – Bass . Jackie Mclean – Alto Saxophone . J. R. Monterose – Tenor Saxophone . Mal Waldron – Piano . Willie Jones – Drums

Production : Produced By Nesuhi Ertegun Tom Dowd – Engineer . Hal Lustig – Engineer

Package : Bob Defrin – Art Direction . Ahmet Ertegun – Liner Notes . Nat Hentoff – Liner Notes . David Spitzer – Photography . Curtice Taylor – Hand Coloring

Recorded On January 30, 1956 At Atlantic Studios, New York City.

Released In 1956 By Atlantic.

(Source Charles Mingus – Pithecanthropus Erectus | The Official Site)


The Current
Mingus favors emphatic phrasing, a terse and insistent strut – he doesn’t just play, but announces his theme. Monterose’s tenor solo is bright and graceful, articulating fine bends and curls. The piece resolves awkwardly, when Mingus’ booming bass creates a foghorn sound overwhelming the picture. […]

Zappaholic @ RateYourMusic
Pithecanthropus Erectus is the turning point of Mingus’ career. It was unlike any other Jazz album at the time, very avant-garde. You can hear the many directions that Mingus would take his music in the years to come. […]
If it never really explodes in the way the the title track does, there’s plenty of great sonic details to marvel at, like the short, almost orchestral crescendos that appear periodicallyand of course Mingus’ instantly recognizable bass playing, at once propulsive and adventurous. […]


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