Charles Mingus and a Sextet featuring Eric Dolphy record ‘Cornell 1964,’ a live album

Charles Mingus‘ ‘Cornell 1964’ is a live album recorded on March 18, 1964 with a Sextet featuring Eric Dolphy and released in 2007 by Blue Note.


Charles Mingus and a Sextet featuring Eric Dolphy record ‘Cornell 1964,’ a live album

Track Listing : 1.Opening (Charles Mingus) – 00:16 . 2.Atfw You (Jaki Byard) – 04:26 . 3.Sophisticated Lady (Duke Ellington, Irving Mills, Mitchell Parish) – 04:23 . 4.Fables Of Faubus (Charles Mingus) – 29:41 . 5.Orange Was The Colour Of Her Dress, Then Blue Silk (Charles Mingus) – 15:05 . 6.Take The ‘A’ Train (Billy Strayhorn) – 17:26 . 7.Meditations (Charles Mingus) – 31:23 . 8.So Long Eric (Charles Mingus) – 15:33 . 9.When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (Chauncey Olcott, George Graff Jr., Ernest Ball) – 06:06 . 10.Jitterbug Waltz (Fats Waller) – 09:58

Musicians : Charles Mingus – Double Bass . Eric Dolphy – Alto Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Flute . Johnny Coles – Trumpet . Clifford Jordan – Tenor Saxophone . Jaki Byard – Piano . Dannie Richmond – Drums

Production : Produced By Michael Cuscuna, Sue Mingus . Mark Wilder – Mastering

Package : Gary Giddins – Liner Notes . Riccardo Schwamenthal – Photography

Recorded On March 18, 1964 At Cornell University In Ithaca, New York.

Released In 2007 By Blue Note Records.

(Source Charles Mingus Sextet with Eric Dolphy – Cornell 1964 | The Official Site – Charles Mingus)


If the Miles Davis rhythm sections of the ‘50s and ‘60s were like a Mercedes Benz—neat but powerful—then the Mingus/Richmond team ran more like a vintage Camaro or Mustang—surging forward with power and great engineering. […]

The impact of the loss of Dolphy so early is incalculable– he was a truly original voice on any instrument he touched and cut precious few sessions as a leader. […]

All About Jazz
As welcome as Coles is on the present Blue Note recording, he’s neither a deal maker nor breaker. Moreover, on the later date the five-member Mingus “sextet” seems to go the extra mile to make up for the absence of Coles’ coy trumpet. […]


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