Charlie Haden records with Gonzalo Rubalcaba ‘Land of the Sun’ for Verve (2004)

Charlie Haden‘s ‘Land of the Sun’ is an album recorded on December 19–22, 2003 with Gonzalo Rubalcaba and released on August 31, 2004 By Verve.

Track Listing : 1.Fuiste Tú (It Was You) (José Sabre Marroquín, Criz Sabre) – 06:17 . 2.Sueño Sólo Con Tu Amor (I Only Dream Of Your Love) (José Sabre Marroquín, Criz Sabre) – 05:08 . 3.Canción De Cuna A Patricia (Lullaby For Patricia) (José Sabre Marroquín) – 07:00 . 4.Solamente Una Vez (You Belong To My Heart) (Agustin Lara) – 08:06 . 5.Nostalgia (José Sabre Marroquín) – 05:40 . 6.De Siempre (Forever) (José Sabre Marroquín) – 07:07 . 7.Añoranza (Longing) (José Sabre Marroquín) – 03:21 . 8.Cuando Te Podré Olvidar (When Will I Forget You) (José Sabre Marroquín, Criz Sabre) – 04:49 . 9.Esta Tarde Vi Llover (Yesterday I Heard The Rain) (Armando Manzanero) – 06:42 . 10.Canción A Paola (Paola’S Song) (José Sabre Marroquín) – 08:58

Musicians : Charlie Haden – Bass . Gonzalo Rubalcaba – Piano . Ignacio Berroa – Drums . Joe Lovano – Tenor Saxophone . Miguel Zenon – Alto Saxophone . Michael Rodriquez – Trumpet, Flugelhorn . Oriente Lopez – Flute . Larry Koonse – Guitar . Lionel Loueke – Guitar . Juan De La Cruz – Percussion

Production : Produced By Charlie Haden, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Ruth Cameron . Gonzalo Rubalcaba . Jay Newland – Engineer, Mixing . Charles Paakkari – Mixing Assistant . Doug Sax – Mastering

Arrangements : Gonzalo Rubalcaba

Package : Ruth Cameron – Session Photographer . Charlie Haden – Liner Notes

Recorded On December 19–22, 2003 At Avatar Studios, Nyc..

Released On August 31, 2004 By Verve.

(Source Charlie Haden – Land of the Sun | Charlie Haden – Legendary Artist)


All About Jazz
On Land of the Sun his bass is suffused with a great expansive substance and insistent yet gentle and unobtrusive weight, anchoring a work of understated, shameless loveliness strewn with supple soloing from…. […]

. A lover of undisguised melody, Haden is a musical populist, eager to connect with his listeners. Marroquin’s attractive songs are a good bet in this regard. […]

The Guardian
The plangent sound he draws from these 10 instruments is a world away from the spaghetti-western soundtrack cliché and with players of the calibre of saxophonists Joe Lovano and Miguel Zenon, the improvisations fit the context beautifully. […]


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