Charlie Wilson releases his fifth album : ‘Just Charlie’ featuring ‘You Are’ (2010)

Charlie Wilson’s ‘Just Charlie’ feat. ‘You Are’ is his fifth studio album released on December 3, 2010 by Jive.

Track Listing : 1.My Girl Is A Dime (Carl M. Days Jr., Charlie Wilson, Dennis Bettis, Mahin Wilson, Wirlie Morris) – 03:48 . 2.You Are (Carl M. Days Jr., Charlie Wilson, Dennis Bettis, Mahin Wilson, Wirlie Morris) – 04:10 . 3.I Wanna Be Your Man (Larry Troutman, Roger Troutman) – 03:57 . 4.Never Got Enough (Charlie Wilson, Emile Ghantous, Erik Nelson, Frankie Bautista, Mahin Wilson, Samuel Salter) – 04:13 . 5.Once And Forever (Charlie Wilson, Greg Pagani, Lance Tolbert, Mahin Wilson, Robbie Nevil) – 03:43 . 6.Life Of The Party (Charlie Wilson, Edwin Lil Eddie Serrano , Greg Pagani, Lance Tolbert, Mahin Wilson, William Casper Serrano , Deanna Della Cioppa) – 03:18 . 7.I Can’T Let Go (Charlie Wilson, Mahin Wilson, Traci Hale, Wirlie Morris) – 03:49 . 8.Crying For You (Almarcus T. Dean, Carl M. Days Jr., Charlie Wilson, Dennis Bettis, Mahin Wilson, Wirlie Morris) – 03:57 . 9.Where Would I Be (Almarcus T. Dean, Carl M. Days Jr., Charlie Wilson, Dennis Bettis, Mahin Wilson, Wirlie Morris) – 03:59 . 10.Lotto (Charlie Wilson, Mahin Wilson, Wirlie Morris) – 03:46

Nabil Elderkin

Musicians : Fantasia – Vocals On (4) . Lance Tolbert – Bass, Keyboards . Wirlie Morris – Guitar (Bass), Keyboards, Vocals (Background) . Louis Fasman – Flugelhorn, Trumpet . Curt Ingram – French Horn . Marlon Mcclain – Guitar . Brinson Poythress – Guitar . Erick Walls – Guitar . Peter Michaele Escovedo Ii – Percussion . Mary Fettig – Sax (Alto) . Wayne Wallace – Trombone . Omid Assadi – Viola . Marcel Gemperli – Viola . Jory Fankuchen – Violin . Gloria Justen – Violin . Michelle Maruyama – Violin . Wenyi Shih – Violin . Joseph Hébert – Celli . Michelle Kwon – Celli . Frankie J – Vocals (Background) . Dennis Bettis – Vocals (Background) . Carl M. Days Jr. – Vocals (Background) . Traci Hale – Vocals (Background) . Edwin “Lil Eddie” Serrano – Vocals (Background) . Carl M. Days – Vocals (Background) . Lauren Evans – Vocals (Background) . Allison Irby – Vocals (Background)

Production : Produced By Charlie Wilson, Wirlie Morris, Greg Pagani . Emile Ghantous – Engineer . David Frazer – Engineer . Greg Pagani – Engineer . Tim Roberts – Assistant Engineer . Herb Powers, Jr. – Mastering . Rob Chiarelli – Mixing . Serban Ghenea – Mixing . John Hanes – Mixing . Wirlie Morris – Engineer,

Package : Josh Cheuse – Art Direction, Design . Nabil Elderkin asterisques RVM – Photography . April Roomet – Stylist

Recorded 2009–2010.

Released On December 3, 2010 By Jive.


Either way, the former Gap Band member remans passionate about his calling. “I can still singand I can still put in the work. I’m going to be on point until they drop me in the ground.” […]

When fate tosses out curveballs, resilient folks get on their grind, clear out the clutter and reassess what’s important in life: from the sounds of the CD, Mr. Wilson has succeeded in doing that, retooling his signature sound and adding just enough contemporary flourishes to enhance it without overtaking what made him so popular in the first place. […]

Slant Magazine
And the tracks, so disinterested in gimmickry or novelty, end up surrendering any semblance of an identity to their own oppressively good taste. It’s R&B in the missionary position, a politely seductive soundtrack for obligatory anniversary humping. Just Charlie is a family reunionand Uncle Charlie brought the potato salad. […]


Charlie Wilson’s ‘Just Charlie’ feat. ‘You Are’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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