Chet Baker records ‘Chet Baker & Crew’ for Pacific Jazz (1956)

Chet Baker & Crew’ is a studio album recorded on July 24, 25 and 31, 1956 and released the same year by Pacific Jazz.

Track Listing : 1.To Mickey’S Memory (Harvey Leonard) – 05:12 . 2.Slightly Above Moderate (Bob Zieff) – 06:59 . 3.Halema (Phil Urso) – 03:51 . 4.Revelation (Gerry Mulligan) – 03:58 . 5.Something For Liza (Al Cohn) – 04:05 . 6.Lucius Lu (Phil Urso) – 05:34 . 7.Worryin’ The Life Out Of Me (Miff Mole, Bob Russell, Frank Signorelli) – 02:59 . 8.Medium Rock (Bob Zieff) – 05:30

William Claxton

Musicians : Chet Baker – Trumpet . Phil Urso – Tenor Saxophone . Bobby Timmons – Piano . Jimmy Bond – Bass . Peter Littman – Drums . Bill Loughbrough – Chromatic Timpani On (1)

Production : Produced By Richard Bock

Package : Woody Woodward – Liner Notes . William Claxton asterisques RVM – Photography

Recorded On July 24, 25 & 31, 1956 At Forum Theater, Los Angeles, California.

Released In 1956 By Pacific Jazz.

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Audiophile Audition
Chet Baker and Crew comes highly recommended for audiophiles, fans of early period Bakerand those – like me – that have a special place in our jazz hearts for the West Coast jazz scene that came and went from the early ’50s till the mid ’60s, when the LA jazz scene briefly rivaled the Big Apple for jazz supremacy […]

The Audio Beat
Baker is characteristically pensive and lyrical — like Bill Evans on trumpet — and he has some taut interplay with Phil Urso on tenor sax. The early stereo sound is above average, featuring a well-resolved sense of space and ample center fill. […]

The chemistry of cool that flows between Urso and Baker is perhaps at its finest during the seamless exchange heard on Worryin’ the Life Out of Me. Timmons also boasts notable contributions throughout. […]

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