Concord release Chick Corea’s ‘The Vigil’ (2013)

Chick Corea‘s ‘The Vigil’ is an album reinventing some of his old compositions with a band of young musicians, released on August 6, 2013 by Concord.


Concord release Chick Corea’s ‘The Vigil’ (2013)

Track Listing : 1.Galaxy 32 Star 4 (Chick Corea) – 11:07 . 2.Planet Chia (Chick Corea) – 11:07 . 3.Portals To Forever (Chick Corea) – 16:03 . 4.Royalty (Chick Corea) – 09:19 . 5.Outside Of Space (Chick Corea) – 05:00 . 6.Pledge For Peace (Chick Corea) – 17:36 . 7.Legacy (Chick Corea) – 10:01 . 8.Hot House (Chick Corea) – 08:29

Robert Schoeller

Musicians : Chick Corea – Synthesizer (Motif Xf8 & Moog Voyager) . Charles Altura – Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar . Hadrien Feraud – Bass . Tim Garland – Bass Clarinet, Flute, Soprano Sax, Tenor Sax . Marcus Gilmore – Drums . Stanley Clarke – Bass On (6) . Ravi Coltrane – Saxophone On (6) . Gayle Moran Corea – Vocals On (5) . Pernell Saturnino – Percussion On (1 – 2 – 3)

Production : Produced By Chick Corea. . Bernie Grundman – Mastering . Bernie Kirsh – Engineer, Mixing . Buck Snow – Mixing

Package : Marc Bessant – Graphic Design . C. Taylor Crothers – Photography . Robert Schoeller asterisques RVM – Cover Art

Recorded 2012 – 2013.

Released On June 6, 2013 By Concord.

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Mercury News
Through the decades, keyboardist Chick Corea has led a lot of different bands. To get a sense of how long he’s been at it, consider that, in 1968, he recorded one of the greatest of all jazz trio records, “Now He Sings, Now He Sobs,” with one of the greatest of all jazz drummers, Roy Haynes. Now, 45 years later, Haynes’s grandson‘>grandson, Marcus Gilmore, is playing drums in Corea’s latest group, the Vigil. […]

All About Jazz
The Vigil may be a debut whose five-star rating is marred, ever so slightly, by these two relatively small quibbles, but introducing Corea’s best band in decades—and, perhaps, the only one truly capable of managing a tough book of music that consolidates a career now entering its sixth decade and still driving forward with relentless energy—let’s hope it’s just the beginning of a project that goes well beyond the usual album-tour-live album cycle to continue as Corea’s main creative vehicle for years to come. […]

The Guardian
The title apparently represents the vigil of jazz’s elder statespersons in cherishing their pasts – but this unexpectedly full-on set is all about celebrating and reinventing, not polishing silverware. […]

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