Verve publish Chris Potter’s album : ‘Gratitude’ (2001)

Chris Potter’s ‘Gratitude’ is an album recorded with Brian Blade, Scott Colley & Kevin Hayes and released on April 3, 2001 by Verve.

Track Listing : 1.The Source [For John Coltrane] (Chris Potter) – 06:39 . 2.Shadow [For Joe Henderson] (Chris Potter) – 05:50 . 3.Sun King [For Sonny Rollins] (Chris Potter) – 07:01 . 4.High Noon [For Eddie Harris] (Chris Potter) – 08:21 . 5.Eurydice [For Wayne Shorter] (Chris Potter) – 06:02 . 6.The Mind’S Eye Intro (Chris Potter) – 00:44 . 7.The Mind’S Eye [For Michael Brecker And Joe Lovano] (Chris Potter) – 07:14 . 8.Gratitude (Chris Potter) – 03:07 . 9.The Visitor [For Lester Young] (Chris Potter) – 07:40 . 10.Body And Soul (Frank Eyton / Johnny Green / Edward Heyman / Robert Sour) – . 11.Star Eyes [For Charlie Parker] (Gene Depaul / Don Raye) – 05:23 . 12.Vox Humana [For Ornette Coleman] (Chris Potter) – 05:26 . 13.What’S New [For The Current Generation] (Johnny Burke / Bob Haggart) – 02:24

Musicians : Chris Potter – Clarinet (Bass), Flute (Alto), Flute (Wood), Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor) . Scott Colley – Bass, String Bass . Brian Blade – Drums . Kevin Hays – Fender Rhodes, Piano

Production : Produced By Chris Potter, Jason Olaine . Joe Ferla – Engineer, Mixing . Ross Petersen – Assistant Engineer . Greg Calbi – Mastering

Package : Hollis King – Art Direction . Michael Piazza – Photography . Jordin Isip – Illustrations . Kevin Shapiro – Hair Stylist, Make-Up . Isabelle Wong – Design

Recorded On September 27Th And 28Th, 2000 At Avatar Studios, New York, New York.

Released On April 3, 2001 By Verve.


100 Greatest Jazz Albums
And that is the idea behind ‘Gratitude‘: to place himself in the tradition of the great saxophone players; and in case that might seem overambitious, to talk in terms of the gratitude he has for these great musicians of the past who have made the jazz tradition what it is, now looked back upon as a new century begins. It is a difficult plan to live up to but he is more than equal to the challenge. […]

Debut Verve outing from multi reedist Chris Potter pays homage to saxophone masters of..Potter’s most discernible influence is Sonny Rollins; he shares Rollins’ rhythmic precision and urgency and consequently his tribute to the great man (a particularly tricky exercise in 15/8) brings out some of his most buoyant, joyful playing […]

In the hands of a lesser artist, such a program might have proven a recipe for cliche. But Potter demonstrates his imagination and resourcefulness time and again on Gratitude, proving conclusively that he has learned the most important lesson any of his forebears had to offer: be yourself. […]


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