Chris Standring – Don’t Talk, Dance!

Released in February 2014, “Don’t Talk, Dance!” is the eigth solo album by English smooth-jazz guitarist Chris Standring.


Chris Standring – Don’t Talk, Dance!

Track Listing : 1.Sky High (Chris Standring) – 05:18 . 2.Inside Outside (Chris Standring) – 03:56 . 3.Sneakin’ Out The Front Door (Chris Standring) – 03:54 . 4.Voices In My Head (Chris Standring) – 04:16 . 5.Soul Symphony (Chris Standring) – 04:21 . 6.Another Fine Mess (Chris Standring) – 04:50 . 7.Crazy Bom Baizy (Chris Standring) – 05:34 . 8.Ride (Chris Standring) 04:15 . 9.Absolute Madness (Chris Standring) – 04:19 . 10.Yesterday’S Heaven (Chris Standring) – 04:34 . 11.Imagine That (Chris Standring) – 03:57 . 12.Scatterfunk (Chris Standring) – 05:07 . 13.Nothing Lasts Forever (Chris Standring) – 04:36

Musicians : Chris Standring – Guitars, Keyboards, Programming, Talkbox . Lauren Christy – Vocals On (8) . Rodney Lee – Fender Rhodes, Organ . Andre Berry – Bass . Dave Karasony – Drums . Doug Webb – Tenor Sax . Chris Tedesco – Trumpet . Steve Sidwell – Trumpet . Nick Lane – Trombone . Sergio Gonzales – Drums . Neil Stubenhaus – Bass . Eric Valentine – Drums . Nikki Garcia – Violin . Barbara Porter – Violin . Tom Tally – Viola . Cameron Stone – Cello . Chris Blondal – Drums . Dave Salinas – Drums . Guy Richman – Drums . Janelle Sadler – Vocals . Joey Heredia – Drums

Production : Produced By Chris Standring

Recorded 2013.

Released In February B2014 By Ultimate Vibe.

(Source Chris Standring | Official Site )



here is no overly pretentious vibe here. You are not being asked to “chill” while enjoying a “good hang” but instead your ears and your hips are invited to do what the originators of improvisational music intended…you are to dance! This is a rich expansive color palate from which Standring paints.

The Smooth Jazz Ride
There’s a multitude of reasons to like this one, or, at least, give it a good listen. I’ve pointed out a few, but you will surely hear others. The one word to describe what’s happening here is snap. Plain and simple. Well, maybe two words: Snap and funk. There, that certainly sums it u

Smooth Jazz Therapy
It is another example of the versatility that Standring crams into his music and another is the album’s only genuine vocal number, the deliciously mid tempo ‘Ride’ where the singing voice of acclaimed songwriter Lauren Christy takes the honors. Make no mistake, this breathtakingly eclectic collection has much to commend it and could well evolve into one of the standout releases of 2014.




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