Chucho Valdés records ‘Bele Bele en La Habana,’ an album for Blue Note (1998)

Chucho Valdés‘ ‘Bele Bele en La Habana’ is an album recorded on January 12 & 13, 1998 and released later the same year by Blue Note.


Chucho Valdés records ‘Bele Bele en La Habana,’ an album for Blue Note (1998)

1 . Cumbanchero 1 (w/ Michel Camilo )

2 . Cumbanchero 2 (w/ Michel Camilo )

3 . Los Caminos

4 . Con Poco Coco (En Talavera )

Track Listing : 1.Son Montuno (Chucho Valdés) – 07:12 . 2.Lorraine (Chucho Valdés) – 05:41 . 3.But Not For Me (Pero No Para Mi) (George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin) – 03:07 . 4.Con Poco Coco (Without Much Thought) (Chucho Valdés) – 08:35 . 5.El Cumbanchero (The Rumba Dancer) (Rafael Hernández) – 06:54 . 6.Tres Lindas Cubanas (Three Pretty Cuban Girls) (Guillermo Castillo) – 06:29 . 7.La Sitiera (The Small Farm) (Chucho Valdés) – 08:44 . 8.Los Caminos (The Pathways) (Pablo Milanés) – 09:30

Carol Friedman

Musicians : Chucho Valdés – Piano . Roberto Vizcaino Guillot – Bata Drums, Chekere, Chimes, Congas, Cowbell, Guiro . Alain Pérez Rodríguez – Bass, Vocals . Raúl Píñeda Roque – Cymbals, Drums, Zildjian

Production : Produced By Rene Lopez John Biondich – Assistant Engineer . Jon Fausty – Engineer, Mixing . Rene Lopez – Mixing . Leon Zervos – Mastering

Package : Leonardo Acosta – Liner Notes . Carol Friedman asterisques RVM – Photography . David Garten – Photography . Gordon H. Jee – Art Direction . Rene Lopez – Photography

Recorded On January 12 & 13, 1998.

Released In 1998 By Blue Note.

(Source Chucho Valdés – Bele Bele en La Habana | Sitio Oficial)

Chucho Valdés‘ ‘Bele Bele en La Habana’ | RVM [Radio.Video.Music]’ />


the_odb_as_you_can_see @ RateYourMusic
Incredible amount of life and energy in this album. Definitely deserves the high rating. […]

Chucho Valdés Trojan horse has a name: Bele Bele en la HabanWhen I reach to hear track number six I must cry because I am mentally in Cuba and I hear a music, which could have been played almost 30 years ago if the political scene would not have interrupted the intellectual and artistic exchange of fine arts between New York, Miami and Havana. […]

The New-York Times
A Pianist Teases the Audience, Then Draws GaspsMr. Valdes, who is celebrating the release of a new album, ”Bele Bele en La Habana” (Blue Note), brings so many resources to his soloing, and so many types of group interaction to the set, that the performance became an event, something extraordinary. […]


Chucho Valdés‘ ‘Bele Bele en La Habana’ | RVM [Radio.Video.Music]M


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