Chucho Valdés releases ‘Border-Free,’ an album recorded with the Afro-Cuban Messengers (2013)

Chucho Valdés‘ ‘Border-Free’ is an album recorded with the Afro-Cuban Messengers and released on July 9, 2013 by Comanche/Jazz Village.


Chucho Valdés releases ‘Border-Free,’ an album recorded with the Afro-Cuban Messengers (2013)

1 . Congadanza (w/ The Afro Cuban Messengers=

2 . Caridad amaro

3 . Victoires du Jazz 2010

4 . Interview , 2018 Panama Jazz Festival

5 . Afro-Comanche (Soka Arts Center, CA, nov 2012)

6 . Para Pilar

7 . Abdel (Soka Arts Center, CA, nov 2012)

Track listing : 1.Congadanza (Chucho Valdés) – 09:09 . 2.Caridad Amaro (Chucho Valdés) – 06:27 . 3.Tabú (Margarita Lecuona) – 09:46 . 4.Bebo Chucho Valdés (Chucho Valdés) – 07:46 . 5.Afro-Comanche (Chucho Valdés) – 011:54 . 6.Pilar (Chucho Valdés) – 010:02 . 7.Santa Cruz (Chucho Valdés) – 06:23 . 8.Abdel Cruz (Chucho Valdés) – 09:06 .
Musicians : Chucho Valdés – piano. Reinaldo Melián Alvarez – trumpet. Dreiser Durruthy Bombalé – batás, lead vocals. Rodney Barreto Illarza – drums, vocals. Ángel Gastón Joya Perellada – double bass, vocals. Yaroldy Abreu Robles – percussion, vocals. Branford Marsalis – tenor sax on (3 – – 8).
Production Produced by Chucho Valdés. Orestes Aguila – Engineer, Mixing, Mastering. Rebeca Alderete – Assistant Engineer. Victor Cicard – Mastering.
Packaging : Frank Steward – Cover photography. Lorena Salcedo – Booklet photographies.
Recorded in December 2012 at Abdala Studio, Havana, Cuba and Comanche Recording Studio, Malaga, Spain.
Released by Comanche/Jazz Village in June 2013.

(Source Chucho Valdes – Border Free | Border Free | Chucho Valdes – Official Site )

Chucho Valdés


The Guardian
The stomping Afro-Comanche sounds like the work of a 1970s McCoy Tyner bandand Pilar is a delicate love song for Valdes and a cello-like arco bass that eventually becomes a straight piano-trio ballad. […]

The Sydney Morning Herald
Jazz great carries father’s torchMalaga, in Spain, has been Valdes’ home for three years. He visits Cuba regularly, but says he tours so much, that he tells people “I practically live on a plane”. […]

Border-Free is just what his fans have come to expect: a tight collection of songs that span the entire Cuban musical landscape and beyond. His now-famous piano runs mix Art Tatum-style controlled fireworks and Cuban pianist Ernesto Lecuona’s lyrical grooves. […]


Chucho Valdés‘ ‘Border-Free’ | RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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