Chuck Berry records in Chicago ‘One Dozen Berrys,’ his second studio album featuring ‘Rock and Roll Music’ & ‘Sweet Little Sixteen’ (1957)

Chuck Berry’s ‘One Dozen Berrys’ is his second studio album recorded on May 6 or 15 & December 29–30 1957 in Chicago and released In March 1958 by Chess.

Track Listing : 1.Sweet Little Sixteen (Chuck Berry) – 03:03 . 2.Blue Feeling (Chuck Berry) – 03:04 . 3.La Jaunda (Chuck Berry) – 03:14 . 4.Rockin’ At The Philharmonic (Chuck Berry) – 03:23 . 5.Oh Baby Doll (Chuck Berry) – 02:37 . 6.Guitar Boogie (Chuck Berry) – 02:21 . 7.Reelin’ And Rockin’ (Chuck Berry) – 03:18 . 8.In-Go (Chuck Berry) – 02:29 . 9.Rock And Roll Music (Chuck Berry) – 02:34 . 10.How You’Ve Changed (Chuck Berry) – 02:49 . 11.Low Feeling (Chuck Berry) – 03:09 . 12.It Don’T Take But A Few Minutes (Chuck Berry) – 02:31

Musicians : Chuck Berry – Vocals, Guitar . Fred Below – Drums . Ebbie Hardy – Drums . Willie Dixon – Bass . Johnnie Johnson – Piano . Lafayette Leake – Piano . Hubert Sumlin – Guitar

Production : Produced By Leonard Chess, Phil Chess

Recorded On May 6 Or 15, December 29–30, 1957 At A Studio In Chicago, Illinois.

Released In March 1958 By Chess.

(Source Chuck Berry‘s ‘One Dozen Berrys’ | The Official Site of Chuck Berry)


The Chuck Berry Collectors Blog
The album contained the six songs published since the release of the last album, though La JuandaListen to this recording appears in a different mix here. Blue FeelingListen to this recording is on that album twice: in its original form and at half speed entitled Low FeelingListen to this recording […]

SolidRaiden22 @ RateYourMusic
It’s more subdued than a lot of his other works, but I didn’t have a problem with that. It was nice to hear a different side to Chuck that I don’t often hear. The man really doesn’t get enough credit for the amount of range he had. […]

The one totally weird track here is Low Feeling, which is nothing but Blue Feeling doctored in the studio by Leonard and Phil Chess, slowed down to half speed and edited to create a 12th track — doing that to the original was bad enough, but sticking it on the same LP with the original was downright bizarre. […]


Chuck Berry‘s ‘One Dozen Berrys’


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