British progrock band Colosseum record a live album to be called …. ‘Colosseum Live’ (1971)

Colosseum‘s ‘Colosseum Live’ is a live album recorded on March 18 & 27, 1971 in Manchester and Brighton and released on September 17, 1971 by Bronze.


British progrock band Colosseum record a live album to be called …. ‘Colosseum Live’ (1971)

Track Listing : 1.Rope Ladder To The Moon (Pete Brown, Jack Bruce) – 09:43 . 2.Walking In The Park (Graham Bond) – 08:21 . 3.Skelington (Dave Clempson, Jon Hiseman) – 14:52 . 4.Tanglewood ’63 (Mike Gibbs) – 10:12 . 5.Encore… Stormy Monday Blues (T-Bone Walker) – 07:29 . 6.Lost Angeles (Dave Greenslade, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Chris Farlowe) – 15:43

Musicians : Mark Clarke – Bass, Vocals . Dave Clem Clempson – Guitars, Vocals . Chris Farlowe – Vocals . Dave Greenslade – Organ, Vibes . Dick Heckstall-Smith – Saxophones . Jon Hiseman – Drums

Production : Produced By Jon Hiseman & Colosseum . Peter Gallen – Engineer, Remixing

Package : Keef – Cover Design, Photography

Recorded On March 18 & 27, 1971 At Manchester University And The Big Apple, Brighton.

Released On September 17, 1971 By Bronze.

(Source Colosseum – Live | Barbara Thompson & Jon Hiseman – Official Site)

Colosseum Live’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]’ />


King_Insano @ RateYourMusic
There’s just too much standard blues here. These long bluesy scalings that end in monotony don’t work for me. By ’71 you would’ve expected the band to move on from these ideas and expand on their symphonic approach, but here they are plodding in guitar riddled bluesy solos that leave me cold. […]

Credit should be given to Colosseum for giving the album a markedly different approach than their studio outingsand it does demonstrate their prowess as a muscular live outfit with a taste for blending progressive rock, jazzand blues. […]

Colosseum‘s ‘Colosseum Live’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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