Vertigo Records publish Colosseum’s second album : ‘Valentyne Suite’ (1969)

Colosseum‘s ‘Valentyne Suite’ is a progressive rock album released in November 1969 by Vertigo Records.


Vertigo Records publish Colosseum’s second album : ‘Valentyne Suite’ (1969)

Track Listing : 1.The Kettle (Dick Heckstall-Smith, Jon Hiseman) – 04:28 . 2.Elegy (James Litherland) – 03:13 . 3.Butty’S Blues (James Litherland) – 06:45 . 4.The Machine Demands A Sacrifice (James Litherland, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Pete Brown, Jon Hiseman) – 03:54 . 5.Valentyne Suite Theme One: January’S Search (Dave Greenslade) – 06:20 . 6.Valentyne Suite Theme Two: February’S Valentyne (Dave Greenslade) – 03:36 . 7.Valentyne Suite Theme Three: The Grass Is Always Greener (Dick Heckstall-Smith, Jon Hiseman) – 06:57

Musicians : Dave Greenslade – Hammond Organ, Vibraphone, Piano, Backing Vocal On (4) . Dick Heckstall-Smith – Saxophones, Flute On (4) . Jon Hiseman – Drums On (4) . James Litherland – Guitars, Lead Vocals . Tony Reeves – Bass Guitars . Neil Ardley – Conductor On (3)

Production : Produced By Tony Reeves And Gerry Bron

Package : Linda Glover – Design

Recorded .

ReleasedIn November 1969 By Vertigo Records.

(Source Colosseum – Valentyne Suite | Colosseum @ Wikipedia)


One of England’s prime jazz-rock — or, more accurately, rock-jazz — outfits, most of the members of Colossuem had apprenticed in blues bandsand it shows very strongly on some of the material here. […]

Esichio @ RateYourMusic
Side A & Side B sound like two different albums from two different bands. Side B shines in all its magnificence, while Side A features some really cool Blues Rock tracks. […]

Only Solitaire
Too bad they weren’t really great melodists; even their best studio album, Valentyne Suite, has plenty of unmemorable spots. This and the band’s lamented brevity of life prevent them from getting a higher rating, but that’s but a minor problem […]


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