Come Warren Come Shine

From ‘An Affair to Remember’ to ‘Lullaby Of Broadway’, we have mixed 20 ‘Good Old Fashioned Jazz‘ tunes written or co-written by ‘Harry Warren‘. It has Ethel Waters, Jimmy Noone, Julie London, Betty Roche and many more.

IMAGE : Photo by Brent and MariLynn

Harry Warren Web Site: Numbers vary from source to source (most sources say 311 or 350), but my records show that he wrote more than 500 songs for no less than 115 different movies from 1928 through 1981. Of those, 42 songs written between 1935 through 1950 placed in the top ten on the popular radio program, Your Hit Parade.

Harry Warren : The World’s First “Gold Record” (actually pressed onto a gold disc) was presented to Glenn Miller by RCA Records in 1941, after his recording of Harry’s “Chattanooga Choo Choo” sold 1.2 million records. Glenn Miller’s recordings of “At Last”, “I Know Why, (and so do you)”,” I Wish I Knew”, “Devil May Care”, “Serenade in Blue”, “I’ve Got a Gal in Kalamazoo”, and “People like You and Me” –all composed by Harry– helped considerably in catapulting Miller’s band to the top of the “Big Bands” of the forties

PBS : Warren was the son of Italian immigrants Antonio and Rachel Deluca Guaragna, who settled in Brooklyn. His father, a bootmaker, legally changed the family name to Warren when he was a child.

The Songwriters Hall of Fame : In 1933 Harry was hired to work with Al Dubin on Warner Brothers’ 42nd Street. This movie introduced the songs “Shuffle Off to Buffalo” and “You’re Getting To Be a Habit With Me.” During the rest of the decade, Warren wrote some 20 musicals with Dubin

Allmovie : Harry Warren’s one chance for latter-day adulation was squelched when producer David Merrick, utilizing over a dozen Warren songs for his 1983 Broadway musical 42nd Street, perversely refused to put Warren’s name on the advertising or in the programs!

IMDB : in “America’s Foremost Composer (1933)” (the above short movie), the Vitaphone shorts provided exposure for studio contract artists and performers, and also gave the technicians extra work and a chance to experiment: during the rendition of “Shadow Waltz” there’s artsy lighting with silhouettes and such.

PLAYLIST : Dolores Duran – An Affair to Remember (3.19) . Al Jolson – I only have eyes for you (2.44) . Ethel Waters – Jeepers creepers (2.50) . Jack Teagarden – Devil may care (3.14) . Oscar Castro-Neves – There Will Never Be Another You (2.49) . Anita O’Day – You’re Getting To Be A Habit With Me (2.46) . Sarah Vaughan – The more I see you (5.17) . Julie London – September In The Rain (1.41) . Peruchin & Charle Palmieri – Lullaby Of Broadway (2.47) . Bing Crosby – Remember me (2.59) . Charles Mingus – Serenade in Blue (6.05) . Betty Roche – I Had The Craziest Dream (2.14) . Sam Butera – The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (5.55) . Jimmy Noone – Lullaby Of Broadway (3.08) . Nancy LaMott – Come Rain Or Come Shine (3.06) . The Modern Jazz Quartet – Rose of the Rio Grande (2.17) . Jewel Akens – The Birds and Bees (2.10) . Dick Haymes – You’ll Never Know (2.47) . George Benson – Chattanooga choo choo (3.34) . Tony Bennett – With Plenty Of Money And You (1.34) .


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