Country And Western Waltz

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Country And Western Waltz

Jesse Blacks : The C/W Waltz travels continuously AROUND the dance floor in the “line of dance”, whereas in ballroom styles the dance is done in more of a box pattern. Country Western Waltz is progressing towards the Ballroom version more and more, with dancers using the frame, close body contact and topline traditionally used in Ballroom dancing.

SSQQ : Western Waltz is romantic and lovely. The dancers appear to glide through it so effortlessly, it comes as a major surprise how intricate the patterns are. Nevertheless, the man who takes the time to learn to Waltz has an instant key to a young girls heart.

New Christy Minstrels : Their innovative sounds were a major influence on popular and folk music in the Sixties. People of all ages were so captivated by their rich harmonies and robust energy that the Christies’ career skyrocketed in record time.In 1962, their debut album, “Presenting the New Christy Minstrels”, earned a Grammy for Best Performance by a Chorus.

Little Texas : Known as “ the hardest working band in country music,” it was not uncommon for the band to play over 300 shows a year, without a bus, without a driver, without tour support from a label. They simply made it on their own, and that seasoning shows up even today.

The Forrester Sisters : It wasn’t always easy. The Forester touring entourage included the band, business associates, and kids (nineteen people in all!), and they all toughed it out in only two functional but cramped buses. The constant crowding naturally led to tense moments for the quartet, but it also helped the sisters learn to work through hard times to achieve their singular goal.

Kathy Troccoli : Kathy Troccoli is an award-winning singer, songwriter, speaker and author of numerous books including Spaghetti for the Soul, Am I Not Still God?, Live Like You Mean It, and the bestselling Falling in Love with Jesus series coauthored with Dee Brestin.

John Michael Montgomery : Since the days when “Life’s A Dance” turned him from an unknown artist into a national star, John Michael’s rich baritone has carried that most important of assets–believability.

John Conlee : In the entertainment world where artists change manager, agents and producers almost as often as they change their socks, John Conlee has not tampered with success. He has remained loyal and constant with the people who have helped him from the beginning – which tells you quite a bit about the man with the rose colored glasses.

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