Craig David releases ‘Born to Do It,’ his debut album featuring ‘Fill Me In’ and ‘7 Days’ (2000)

Craig David’s ‘Born to Do It’ is his debut studio album released on August 14, 2000 by Atlantic, Edel Germany.

Track Listing : 1.Fill Me In (Craig David, Mark Hill) – 04:16 . 2.Can’T Be Messing ‘Round (Craig David) – 03:54 . 3.Rendezvous (Craig David, Mark Hill) – 04:37 . 4.7 Days (Craig David, Mark Hill, Darren Hill) – 03:55 . 5.Follow Me (Craig David, Mark Hill) – 04:01 . 6.Last Night (Craig David, Mark Hill) – 04:31 . 7.Walking Away (Craig David, Mark Hill) – 03:24 . 8.Time To Party (Craig David, Mark Hill) – 04:04 . 9.Booty Man (Craig David, Mark Hill) – 03:48 . 10.Once In A Lifetime (Craig David, Mark Hill) – 03:30 . 11.You Know What (Craig David, Mark Hill) – 03:34 . 12.Rewind (Craig David, Mark Hill) – 05:32

Musicians : Craig David – Vocals . V. Hallett – Vocals . Mark Hill – Vocals, Vocals (Background) . Wayne Lawes – Drum Programming . F Zagaroli – Vocals

Production : Produced By The Artful Dodger, Craig David, Mark Hill, Ceri Evans . Dick Beetham – Mastering . Ceri Evans – Remixing . Steve Fitzmaurice – Mixing . Fraser T. Smith – Programming . Goetz – Engineer, Mixing . Mark Hill – Engineer . Andy Ward – Mixing Engineer

Package : Andrea Brooks – Design . Pete Moss – Photography

Video Director(s) : Max & Dania for “Fill Me In”,d “7 Days” “Walking Away” and “Rendezvous”

Recorded 1998-2000.

Released On August 14, 2000 By Atlantic, Edel Germany.

If anything though, the understated nature of the backing music only serves to effectively highlight the true strength of David; His soulfully smooth voice which is almost effortlessly performed in an understandable manner. […]

This man is your 21st century, 24-carat, fresh-from-the-rack STAR. Craig David, all over your magazine covers, all over your airwaves. Craig David, all over your boing. […]

Craig David’s debut LP Born To Do It revisited with producer/writer Mark Hill | Return To The Classics.Overall the success of the album was due to the fact that we had loads of time and no pressure to make the album. It was the two of us writing on our own and making music for the fun of it. I believe we both pushed each other to make something unique and special.Sourced From: Follow us: @SoulCulture on Twitter | SoulCulture on Facebook […]


Craig David’s ‘Born to Do It’


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