Cream release their fourth and final studio album : ‘Goodbye’ featuring ‘I’m So Glad,’ ‘Sitting on Top of the World’ and ‘Badge’ (1969)

Cream’s ‘Goodbye’ is their fourth and final original studio album released on February 5, 1969 by Polydor.

Track Listing : 1.I’M So Glad (Skip James) – 09:11 . 2.Politician (Jack Bruce, Pete Brown) – 06:19 . 3.Sitting On Top Of The World (Walter Vinson, Lonnie Chatmon, Chester Burnett) – 05:01 . 4.Badge (Eric Clapton, George Harrison) – 02:45 . 5.Doing That Scrapyard Thing (Jack Bruce, Pete Brown) – 03:14 . 6.What A Bringdown (Ginger Baker) – 03:56

Alan Aldridge

Musicians : Jack Bruce – Bass Guitar, Piano, Organ, Vocals . Ginger Baker – Drums, Percussion, Vocals . Eric Clapton – Guitars, Vocals . Felix Pappalardi – Bass On (4), Piano, Mellotron . George Harrison – Rhythm Guitar On (4) . Cream – Band

Production : Produced By Felix Pappalardi . Bill Halverson – Engineer . Adrian Barber – Engineer . Damon Lyon-Shaw – Engineer

Package : Haig Adishian – Art Direction . Alan Aldridge asterisques RVM – Cover Design . Roger Philips – Photograph

Recorded October 19, 1968 At The Forum In Los Angeles, California And October 1968 At Ibc Studios In London, Uk.

Released On February 5, 1969 By Polydor.


Rolling Stone
As for the studio cuts, they are plagued with the same fault which hindered Wheels of Fire. Cream was best at playing blues; however, none of the stuff they wrote was blues. […]

Cream‘s decision to go out with a bang after such a short career has added to the group’s mystique. Clapton would quickly land in yet another very short-lived supergroup, but Goodbye remains a credible (if not spectacular) swan song. […]
In summary, the only justification for buying this album is the studio recordings. They are excellent songs which are among Cream‘s best. Badge alone would make this album well worth it for Cream fans; it is that good of a song. The live tracks are largely disappointing and are the main reason that Goodbye gets a 3.5/5. […]


Cream’s ‘Goodbye’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]M



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