Curtom publish Curtis Mayfield’s second album : ‘Roots’ (1971)

Curtis Mayfield‘s ‘Roots’ is his second studio album released In October 1971 By Curtom.


Curtom publish Curtis Mayfield’s second album : ‘Roots’ (1971)

1 . Keep On Keepin’ (“OGWT” 1972)

2 . (We Got To Have Peace)

3 . (We Gotta Have Peace)

Track Listing : 1.Get Down (Curtis Mayfield) – 05:45 . 2.Keep On Keeping On (Curtis Mayfield) – 05:08 . 3.Underground (Curtis Mayfield) – 05:15 . 4.We Got To Have Peace (Curtis Mayfield) – 04:44 . 5.Beautiful Brother Of Mine (Curtis Mayfield) – 07:23 . 6.Now You’Re Gone (Curtis Mayfield, Joseph Scott) – 06:50 . 7.Love To Keep You In My Mind (Curtis Mayfield) – 03:48

Musicians : Curtis Mayfield – Vocals

Production : Produced By Curtis Mayfield . Roger Anfinsen – Engineer

Package : Hugh Brown – Art Direction . A. Scott Galloway – Liner Notes . Maria Villar – Design

Recorded In 1971 At Rca Studios, Chicago, Illinois.

Released In October 1971 By Curtom.

(Source Curtis Mayfield – Roots | Official Site)

Curtis Mayfield


Rolling Stone
One of the main problems with this album is that you can feel a lack of conviction. There’s a marked difference between what the lyrics say and what Curtis expresses musically. Nor is it a matter of mere commercialism. […]

This particular album went platinum cause it was consistent from one song to the next, had a common theme that is shared (being black in today’s society and love among mankind)and last, the album had actual musicians playing on this record and not the computerized music we hear today. […]

mag1c_hands @ RateYourMusic
It’s kind of funny that Curtis Mayfield‘s 3rd solo album “Roots” is always rated very highly, coming as it does in the middle of perhaps the greatest consecutive string of soul albums ever, but it’s still a bit of sacrilege to declare it a “perfect” album on par with the 3 other classics that surround it. It’s always “almost there but not quite”. […]


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