Columbia publish ‘Jazz Impressions of Japan’ by The Dave Brubeck Quartet (1964)

‘Jazz Impressions of Japan’ by The Dave Brubeck Quartet is an album recorded following the quartet’s trip to Japan and released on August 10, 1964 by Columbia.

Track listing : 1.Tokyo Traffic (Dave Brubeck) – 05:52 . 2.Rising Sun (Dave Brubeck) – 04:42 . 3.Toki’s Theme (Dave Brubeck) – 02:10 . 4.Fujiyama (Dave Brubeck) – 05:05 . 5.Zen Is When (Bud Freeman, Leon Pober) – 02:53 . 6.The City Is Crying (Dave Brubeck) – 06:02 . 7.Osaka Blues (Dave Brubeck) – 05:10 . 8.Koto Song (Dave Brubeck) – 03:02 .

Don Hunstein

Musicians : Dave Brubeck – piano . Paul Desmond – sax . Eugene Wright – bass . Joe Morello – drums .

Production Produced by Teo Macero . Fred Plaut Engineer . Robert Waller Engineer .

Packaging : Don Hunstein asterisques RVM Photography .

Recorded on June 16–17, 1964 at CBS 30th Street Studio, except for (5) recorded on January 30, 1960 .

Released on August 10, 1964 by Columbia.


One of the best little jazz albums I’ve heard in a while. These tunes are the quartet’s way of remembering their Japanese tour. Released in 1964, it isn’t as obsessed with odd-time as Dave’s Time series was, but there’s certainly some interesting rhythms here. […]

The Salt Lake Tribune
Top 5 Brubeck albumsAmong the collection’s many lovely compositions, the most lasting impression, clearly, comes from “Koto Song.” […]

All About Jazz
The pastoral seems to appear more, with Paul Desmond’s sweet alto taking on flutelike inflections and coaxing some of Brubeck’s most delicate lyricism, though he does not neglect the piano’s more percussive possibilities. […]


‘Jazz Impressions of Japan’ by The Dave Brubeck Quartet M


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